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Comment Re:Is a proprietary firmware required? (Score 0) 14

not in this case at least. The two firmware files are ~1KB and 9KB respectively. And what it runs on is a bit more low level that what you'd think of as a cpu... ie. it doesn't seem to have load/str instructions as such. Although I do remember hearing somewhere that the broadcom/r-pi thing was running threadx

Comment Re:Is a proprietary firmware required? (Score 0) 14

There is firmware. But fortunately it is not embedded in the userspace blob driver like it is for some of the closed src drivers, but instead loaded using normal linux request_firmware() mechanism. So it is pretty easy to grab the fw from (for example) some android device (or cyogenmod filesys, etc) from /lib/firmware directory.

I'm not really clear on the redistribution situation for firmware yet. I'm trying to get an answer from qcom. If it turns out not to be possible to redistribute the firmware blobs, then I'll finish reverse engineering the pfp and me fw and write my own. And, well, might do that anyways if I get bored. Fwiw, the two firmware blobs are identical (instruction set) compared to radeon r600 (the me fw is endian swapped). Newer radeon looks different.


Comment Re:Why don't you agree? (Score 2) 79

two quick notes:

Since qualcomm doesn't really support anything other than android on their devices, this is mainly useful for the hobbiest linux community who wants to put debian / ubuntu / some other gnu/linux distro on their phone/tablet.

TI is actually very good about releasing open source drivers and userspace for their devices. This is why I love TI and OMAP. In the area of GPU, it is actually IMGtech (who TI buys the GPU IP from) that blocks an open source driver.


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