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Comment Just get started, the rest will follow (Score 1) 601

I came across this article a few days ago and it's worth a read in this context.


Basically, this person's observation was: once he gets started, it's easy going, he's able to keep working; the key is to start as early in the day as possible on the real work.

Apart from this, from personal experience -

  1. Try working with the internet off - disable proxies if you need one to connect to it, or switch off your router/modem after downloading any online documents/documentation that you need to refer to.
  2. Keep water/soda/snacks near you so you don't have to get up to drink or eat. Even better if you work in the bathroom.
  3. Start with core functionality that can be unit tested. Leave the bells and whistles for later. Small parts that work give a great kick and motivate more.

All the best for your project.

Comment Re:A good translation for default to other languag (Score 3, Interesting) 339

Asking because I had trouble figuring out a good word for it in Hindi. Still not sure if we have the right word. Forgot to add: the closest translation I could come to was "pre-decided" and that doesn't seem to mean the same thing as "default" - it should actually be a word or phrase that means "pre-decided but modifiable to something else".

Comment Re:HCL Ha Ha (Score 1) 1144

The guys working at the bank office (in Europe) were clearly the cream of the crop. There are two reasons for this.
  1. The Europe salaries are obviously higher than the India salaries in the same company. So the good guys get to go to Europe as a reward.
  2. While (1) may not always happen, the "onsite" teams are more likely to be quality conscious because they have the customers sitting over their head. Nothing like face to face interaction.

I think (2) is more important than (1) with respect to quality; most of the folks have graduated from the same colleges and got similar grades in India before joining the organizations, whether in Europe or India.

Comment A good translation for default to other languages (Score 4, Interesting) 339

Non English speakers / translators!

Did you have trouble translating the word "default" into other languages? How difficult/easy was it to find a translation for "default" for user manuals in, say, jp or cn or fr?

Asking because I had trouble figuring out a good word for it in Hindi. Still not sure if we have the right word.

Do note that /. only allows ascii in posts.

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