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Comment Re:What *I* make from iTunes... (Score 1) 495

>>I presume you're talking about it from your point of view as a middle man rather than the artists perspective. No, I don't take a cut of CD sales or downloads, if that's what you mean. All sales go directly to the artist. The only middle-man is the distributor-- be it online or off. BTW, managers are hired by the artist, to advocate for the artist. My only perspective under this arrangement is the artist's perspective. >>How is that? I'm sure if he had a choice he'd cut out the leeches. I think if Al wanted to take a step back from the way he's always done things and look at the infrastructure available to him now that might not have been at the start of his career, he'd find there are ways he can enjoy his financial well-being, independent of this contract he signed that he doesn't like.

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