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Comment UPS stands for Unrealiable Parcel Service (Score 1) 480

I use to work for a Computer Manufacturer and UPS was by far the worst of the ones we used. DHL and Fedex were usually good but UPS would mess stuff up all the time. I worked for a Canadian company and I have been told that UPS is better in the States than they are in Canada but we had shipments to states messed up too.

Comment Re:Being Ergonomic with a Strait/Regular Keyboard (Score 1) 310

Having your wrists "Straight" does help. I had the advantage of studying piano when I was younger and learning proper posture. A lot of people type with their wrists limp which causes problems. If people would learn proper technique they would find that they would have less problems. However just because you learned piano as a kid doesn't mean you won't get carpal tunnel syndrome. I know a girl that is a good pianist but still got it. However I believe that her condition was due to a lot of knitting.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 366

Backing up first is always best. However reinstalling should only be a last resort. With the right software, you should be able to find and remove all viruses in a lot less time than reinstalling. If you come across something that you just can't remove then reinstall. Also before restoring the backup make sure you scan the files.

Comment Re:"as well as basic computer science concepts" (Score 1) 453

If you have guys in the interview without CS degrees, they are not going to know this stuff. They are going to know how to create web based apps with MySQL backends. They probably won`t be strong on database techniques taught at University. They will most likely just know some simple SQL and basics of designing a database. These are PHP and MySQL programmers. Not Oracle and C++ programmers.

Submission + - What is wrong with SSD servers?

pspahn writes: As the process of launching our "best web site makeover, 2010" continues, I am now looking at who to host our new best digital friend. The development guys that are building our custom theme, in some discussions, recommend their own SSD hosting because of its lightning quick ability to perform transactions. At the same time, other discussions lean towards, "I don't know, there's something wrong with those SSD servers, they keep crashing."

Another hosting company tells me that they discontinued their SSD package because it was crashing too often.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with SSD drives in a server environment? It's not like these companies are using anything less than the best SSD drives money can buy. Are they simply wearing out or becoming unreliable too quickly in lighting fast environments?

Comment I have ad block in because of facebook (Score 2, Informative) 1051

The only reason, I have ad block is because of facebook. While personally I don't like facebook, I have lots of friends on it so I do use it. The problem with facebook is it allows ads that look exactly like facebook apps. Sometimes is really hard to tell the ad from the app. So I installed Ad block plus to remove those annoying ads. If facebook would smarten up and start blocking those ads, I would be willing to remove the ad blocker.

Comment Re:fail2ban (Score 3, Interesting) 497

Nobody's going to guess a 2048-bit RSA key.

No but they can steal if from your users' computers. It's one thing to have staff use keys when they are on your secure network but having users who are out on the web using keys when you can't control the security on their machines is only as secure as your dumbest client. Of course if they can hack and steal keys, they can probably steal passwords as well. For remote access one of the securest ways is using a security token. Every time user logs in they have to enter a different number.

Comment Re:Insolvent Company (Score 1) 678

And who is going to sue for release of the source code to the game?


let me think about that.

The customers, any of the other debtors, the actual developers.

As for what gets released, that will be up to the court. It's not unheard of for courts to order code to be released.

Umm the customers have no standing in Bankruptcy court. They only way they could encourage the court would be to offer to buy the code.

Since releasing the code is apparently not unheard of you are going to need to provide examples of I am sure this very rare practise. Just because you say it's so doesn't a make it so.

Comment Re:Insolvent Company (Score 1) 678

And who is going to sue for release of the source code to the game? A Bankruptcy court is not going to force a company to release intellectual property such as source code. They are trying to reclaim losses for the creditors and thus sell the code and rights to the highest bidder.

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