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Comment Re:It honestly does not compete (Score 2) 43

> Netflix has very little that would be playing currently on most cable channels people pay to watch

At one time, Netflix digital content was full of grade A movies instead of the mix of A, B, and C movies it has now.

Then the MPAA wised up and learned from the RIAA's deal with Apple's iTunes and decided they didn't want to cede content distribution to a single mammoth provider ultimately ending up with DRM-free music sales.

Netflix tried to split DVD and digital into two companies (Netflix and Qwikster) to allow them to bargain better with the studios, but the split failed and Netflix ultimately caved to MPAA demands to delay new releases on DVD in exchange for discounted DVD prices and the opportunity to be allowed to negotiate for streaming rights. (Notable competitor Redbox has not agreed to this release window and just pays retail price for new release DVDs.)

The studios renegotiated their contracts to make digital content prohibitively expensive for Netflix.


This is why there are so many web sites with competing catalogs and no one place to easily watch anything you want. Hulu, Vudu (Wal-Mart), Amazon, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Daisuki, iTunes, Crackle, Google Play, etc.

Some sites have tried to catalog into an easily searchable interface:

But still, there are some shows that are just not available anywhere (e.g. Rawhide tv western with Clint Eastwood).

tldr: Netflix would compete with cable television if it could.

Comment Re:Suicide by politician (Score 1) 1010

Did Rice and Powell also use their private email server while their eponymous foundation accepted hundreds of millions of donations from foreign governments during their tenure at the State Department?






Comment Re:There ya go... (Score 2) 307

Hey thanks!

I searched the page for "religion" and "Christian" but not "church."

Reading the articles, it's unclear whether he was actively attending this church.

> Borgie recalls a proud, intelligent boy who was determined to go to graduate school. He last spoke with the suspect about six years ago. The pastor says the family has belonged to the San Diego church for about 10 years.








It may seem like splitting hairs, but the question is was his Christianity motivational for his murder or merely incidental? Did he cite Christian scripture as his justification? Did he commit murder at the promptings of his pastor?

These are the comparisons which should be emphasized when drawing parallels to mass shooters who were actually motivated by their faiths.

Comment Re: most people already prefer listening to accele (Score 1) 296

> Isn't that akin to looking at a piece of art, say the Mona Lisa, but at postage stamp size?

Movies will sometimes be released with both a theatrical cut and a director's cut.

This is the viewer's cut.

It may not match creative intent, but it's out of the creator's hands and should be left up to the viewer to decide.

Comment Re:Twenty Five years for this (Score 1) 108

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