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Comment A world outside US (Score 2, Informative) 315

App developer should realize that there is a world outside the US [and Europe], where:
1. Phones are sold unlocked more as a rule than an exception.
2. Enthusiasts change phones frequently
3. There is a big market for cheaper and second hand/older gen. 'smart' phones.
Android fits in well for these market. This is also the exact reason for the abysmal sale of iPhone 3G/3GS in India and China.

Comment Obvious Missing Details (Score 3, Informative) 103

The article sadly doesn't seem to point the Government efforts to provide the non IMEI mobiles with a valid IMEI number. For the last few monthes, a person could have taken their el-cheapo Chinese phones to a designated centre and get a genuine IMEI number 'installed' on the phone for a sum of INR 199 [USD 4].

Comment Re:And will be unavailable anyplace else.... (Score 2, Interesting) 571

1) car insurance is compulsory in India, covers the car, not the driver. Takes care of damages to the car as well as to the victims.
2) Safety standards exist, albeit for the typical India roads where the speed limits rarely exceed 50 km/hr [convert this to m/hr yourself , please].
3) Nano is compliant with Euro 4, the present European emission standards.
4) Gross mis-information, smacks of ignorance at best and racism at worst.
5) ....thus spoke the western overlord..go back to your bullock deserve not what you hath not?

and well the price of petrol [gasoline] has been hovering around the $4/gallon mark for last 4 years in India.


Submission + - India to offer free broadband by 2009

codecracker007 writes: The Government of India is planning to introduce free 2 mbps broadband for all resident Indians by 2009. The expected service shall be launched by the government owned telecom operators BSNL and MTNL. Quoting from the article:
The government proposes to offer all citizens of India free, high-speed broadband connectivity by 2009, through the state-owned telecom service providers BSNL and MTNL. While consumers would cheer, the move holds the potential to kill the telecom business as we know it.
Here is an an editorial comment on the news. It must be mentioned that the Indian government and its autonomous regulatory bodies are very proactive in holding the consumer interests above the operators', managing to reduce the long distance and wireless tariffs by a up to factor of 20 in less than 7 years.

Feed World's "only" PowerFest '94 SNES cartridge up for auction (

Filed under: Gaming

We have to admit, we've seen some pretty zany stuff in the Nintendo realm this month, but this one probably takes top honors. For the fanboys and girls, the words "PowerFest '94" and "Nintendo World Championships II" immediately incite fits of giddiness, and for those sulking in the uninformed camp, here's the skinny: just 32 of these brutally ugly and oversized cartridges were ever manufactured, and after the round of tournaments played with them in 1994, all but one was reportedly "given back to Nintendo and reused for parts." The cart itself housed Level 1-1 of Super Mario Lost Levels, five laps around the first track on Super Mario Kart, and a home run derby from Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run, all of which were set to a timer and channeled out to other systems to monitor the scores of everyone involved. Needless to say, owning this prized possession could indeed fetch a pretty penny, and if you've ever wondered just how much a one of a kind SNES cart would run you, we'll give you 25,000 or so guesses. Click on through for a few more snapshots.

[Thanks, Casey]

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Submission + - Apple and Cisco to Share iPhone

twofish writes: "The BBC, amongst others, is reporting that Apple and Cisco Systems have agreed to share the iPhone trademark, allowing both firms to use the name. The financial terms of the agreement have not been released."

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