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Comment Re:Windows hardware? (Score 1) 82

Try that with their servers. Their Linux driver support is extremely lagging.

Even today if you download new drivers for an MD array, they bundle Java 6. Which was end of life over 3 years ago and is incapable of interoperating with modern TLS implementations. If you care about securing your systems and use Dell drivers, disable as much as you can and live by the CLI.

Comment Re:of course it will burn.... IF (Score 1) 418

Let's set some ground rules for debate, m'kay?

"Spending on social programs is highly correlated with keeping people in poverty."

Do you have any evidence for this claim? Studies? Data? Facts?

The information I have shows a strong correlation to the opposite:

"...because we can print money..."

The government doesn't "print" money to spend, it issues currency. Printing presses and paper money exist these days to accommodate small transactions. When is the last time you bought a car with cash in hand? Or your employer paid you in cash?

I'm making a nit, but it's important to be precise with the terminology. Or you lose credibility.

"You don't understand economics."

Umm... you don't know me, nor what I read, or studied, or what my credentials are. You're making a broad assumption based on a Slashdot comment.

In general, if I don't feel qualified to post in Slashdot I stay quiet. I don't need to spread any more misinformation than there already is.

My statement about public spending is a verifiable fact. There is no theoretical bounds to spending given a fiat currency in the post Bretton Woods era. The gold standard is long gone.

"Is it any wonder the more we pay for welfare, the less likely people are to get off of welfare?"

You raise the example of welfare, which I did not. It is one possible type of social support among many. (Personally I favor the Job Guarantee--provide work to all those who cannot find work.)

To examine this issue in depth you need to look at the causes of poverty. If an individual is unemployed with no prospect for work, welfare can provide sustenance but without unemployment they may never escape from poverty. But if you provide work, public or private, you have a path to independence. For a single parent raising children without support (too common in this day and age), child care and education may be the key. However these have to be accessible, if not by private means, then through social support.

Comment Re:Just in time for PayPal. (Score 1) 91

PayPal didn't back off, the PCI Council did. The PCI DSS standard previously offered an exemption for existing sites that could not easily deprecate TLS 1.0 that was to expire June 2016. Now that has been extended 12 months, and PayPal is following suit.

Comment Re:of course it will burn.... IF (Score 2) 418

Oh I'm worried about debt. I'm worried about my auto loan, though that will be paid off soon enough. I'm more worried about my children's student loans and the long-term impact on their finances (postponing retirement savings, home buying etc.)

Did you mean the "public debt"? I don't worry about that, I worry about politicians who use it as an excuse to cut social programs and ensure those who live in poverty remain in poverty. The US is a sovereign nation with a fiat currency. They literally issue currency to cover federal spending, and match it by issuing bonds on the open market to create the illusion they are "borrowing" to cover their spending.

In other words, the risk of the public debt to our grandchildren is no greater than the risk on our generation due to spending from the era our grandparents were alive (including massive spending during WWII which fostered a generation of prosperity).

It's bad enough our politicians and their paid economists start lies about the debt. It's worse when responsible citizens spread the lies.

Regardless, if Earth is too damaged to be inhabitable in 500 years, I think humans will have far greater worries on their hands than political boundaries. Stop fretting over the debt and who is in office, and work instead on FIXING THE PROBLEM.

Thank you.

Comment Paradox of productivity (Score 1) 235

The irony behind this industrial automation is that it was supposed to improve our lives. Due to invention, innovation and automation we were all supposed to be driving flying cars by now, and have personal robots to do chores. But somewhere capitalism went haywire and instead our capacity to consume is on the downswing due to low wages and unemployment/underemployment, so instead we get to look at all the fancy things we can't have.

Something has to give. What worries me is the lack of consensus on how to fix the problem. We just may lose a generation by arguing over the macroeconomic fixes necessary.

Comment Re:this solves what and why? (Score 1) 423

The study I saw shows that even in the dirtiest coal-burning states, total CO2 from an electric vehicle is roughly equivalent to a 40 MPG gasoline automobile.

That's actually a very good result, it shows that converting fleets today to electric power would reduce their carbon footprint, even if the grid does not get cleaner. But coal is rapidly getting phased out in favor of natural gas and renewable energy, so that "40 MPG" equivalent is going to improve over time.

Comment Re:Disable SSLv2 (Score 2) 72

You're confusing it with SSLv3, which was still used by Win XP, IE6, Java 6, ancient Androids maybe. I can't think of anything that depends on SSLv2 and would be in common use today.

SSLv2 has been obsolete for decades. Both should be turned off--the bare minimum for secure sites is TLS v1.0, and PCI DSS requires all older protocols to be disabled, if you need such certifications.

Comment Re:IPv6 is such a disaster (Score 1) 65

Absolutely. It was shockingly easy to setup on my home network. Once I configured OpenWRT with an IPv6 tunnel, and initialized ip6tables, autoconfiguration kicked in, all the devices on my home network, including mobile devices, configured IPv6 on their own and everything just worked.

The article seems to be about misconfigured routers, unrelated to any problems with IPv6 itself.

I'd like to start running IPv6 everywhere. My darned ISP isn't provide it natively, yet, and we don't have it on our work network. As far as I can tell nothing stands in the way of deploying IPv6 except laziness and incompetence.

Comment Re:Why the emphasis on Lets Encrypt? (Score 1) 123

The certificates from Lets Encrypt (and other commonly used cheap providers) are "domain validated", which is the lowest rung of site certificate. These are perfectly okay for everyday use on Internet sites that don't process highly sensitive data.

The best consumers can do is demand extended validation certificates for their banking sites, and each time you connect to your bank's site verify you are using an EV certificate.

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