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Comment Of course they'd say that (Score 1) 585

In a survey that reached 1,000 respondents by phone ...

"Hello? ... Yes, of course I trust the FBI with, um, my privacy, and, uh, the NSA too, yeah, they're great guys, all of them, and they wouldn't be listening to this call, right now, because I'm not in any way a terrorist, and therefore have nothing to hide, bye!"

Comment Persu (Re:We need a new class of 'ultralight' cars (Score 1) 353

I really think it would be a big hit with consumers who don't wish to be exposed to the elements or have to balance a motorcycle, but would opt for BASIC transportation with a 500cc motor, 3 or 4 wheels, and enclosed cab.

You mean something like the Persu or the Carver One?

Why are these not on the market? Shut up and take my money!

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