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Comment big big o (Score 1) 218

Last time I considered the big O was watching the television commercial from holidays past. Set to the tune of Jingle Bells, 'O O O, the big big O, over stock dot com'. Hawt. Girlfriend hated that commercial (assuming you believe she existed), so whenever it came on, I'd change the words to 'O O O, the big B O, Kristen's butt dot com'. Now that's complexity my friends.

Comment Re:Code of Conduct = Hate Speech (Score 1) 405

Well if a policy that bans hate speech is enacted, and that policy includes language that can be reasonably viewed as hate speech, then by its own terms the policy must be deleted and all the hate censorship can end. What am I missing? FWIW TFA does list some reasons for banning hate speech, and none of them have anything to do with rationality, truth, honesty, etc.

Comment Code of Conduct = Hate Speech (Score 1) 405

When some hateful bigot is accused of "xenophobia", this incites hatred toward people with actual phobias. The mentally ill are being equated with crappy people who don't actually have a mental illness, and whose views perhaps deserve to be hated. Some people with actual phobias, diagnosed by actual doctors, get sick of the constant media comparisons to people who are motivated by hate. More like Hatebook IMO

Comment Re:I hate this "neuroscience explains" stuff (Score 1) 381

This is all correct. I think it’s unfortunate, because Sandra really is a good editor, she’s seen a lot of good neuroscience come and go, and my best guess is that she means well. You’d think that, working at NPG for so long, she’d have taken notice of the things besides neuroscience that affect weight, like gut bacteria, the increasing prevalence of processed carbohydrates and seed oils, and the proliferation of endocrine disrupting chemicals as food additives and environmental pollutants. You’d think she’d be above the simplistic thinking that dieting is equivalent to forcing yourself to eat less of the same crap. Different foods will create different set points for body weight, and this is well-supported by science! I’d go one step further, and say that the food industry is actively muddling these issues. Their playbook of big-tobacco-style techniques is well known. They support crap science. They suppress good scientists (this week it was Nina Teicholz getting kicked off the National Food Policy Conference panel). It’s sad that someone in her position doesn’t see this, and instead goes about convincing people to accept poor health as something inevitable.

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