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Comment Tip of the Iceberg (Score 2) 108

Lodsys is only the tip of the patent lawsuit iceberg unfortunately. What happens when some patent holder who doesn't license directly to Apple (or Google in the case of Android) decides to send threatening letters to the application developers? The US Patent System is fundamentally broken. Today's letter from Apple to Lodsys may help iOS developers to dodge this bullet, but this is only the opening volley.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Best Pre-paid data plan/USB Stick Comb in Germany

code prole writes: With two upcoming trips to Germany, and no readily available Internet (WiFi or otherwise) in the location where we'll be staying, I'm looking for a no-contract USB stick and pre-paid data plan. Vodafone has a huge selection of USB sticks but has proven to be unresponsive to questions about data plans. And the US based T-Mobile Help Center was clueless about getting the device in Europe and using it there. Hopefully the Slashdot community has some suggestions? Duds to avoid?

Submission + - European Internet Connectivity ( 1

code prole writes: "In a couple of months I am traveling to Germany with my significant other. One of our goals is to purchase (local to Germany) a computer for her mother. I know next to nothing about acquiring and setting up Internet connectivity in Europe. What are broadband costs? Is there decently priced and performing dial-up available? Are there any hidden gotchas that make the European Internet experience different than the US one I should be aware of? Finally, are there any good (trusted) resources I can use to compare connectivity options?"

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