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Comment Re:PCs aint expensive (Score 1) 452

Because it's probably 10x faster...... What sort of business that requires computers would purposely run old SLOW hardware with old software.. just makes no sense all the way around. I do endorse windows 7 as a far better product than windows xp. even with linux with a heavy desktop environment will run slow on that junk. Unless they use something like window maker or some other non userfriendly but light desktop environment. They probably lose a ton in productivity because they are not caught up to this decade.

Comment PCs aint expensive (Score 5, Insightful) 452

Not sure why they'd be trying so hard to save themselves from buying new PCs.. Probably the XP machines run like ass as it is. Linux as a general use machine for people that are so bad at computers they still use XP.... just no.. hell no. tell the boss to stop being so cheap and upgrade to this decade

Comment it's the best around (Score 1, Insightful) 435

3rd party clients SUCCCCKKk.. Gmail is the best there is. It's fast, you can do it from anywhere w/out a dumb bulky client. The messages are stored remotely.. It's intuitive and simple.. Sorry but no case can be made against it. As far as advertisements and all that who cares.. NSA is reading everything we write so fuck it.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 1, Troll) 767

35% of our income goes to war.. American's are not so weird.. We are tired of frivolous spending and policing the world. We already pay a ton in taxes we don't need to pay 10% more because our federal government can't manage a budget. If they were a business they'd have gone belly up a long freaking time ago.

Comment Shouldn't be forced (Score 1) 299

Early is bad if it means you are forcing all kids to try to learn programming skills.. If they have a choice to take it as an elective though that'd be good to start in middle school.. let 6th graders that want to learn about it get started by the time they are out of highschool they'll be badass coding machines.

Submission + - Scientists Calculate When Life on Earth Will End 1

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: One inconvenient consequence of our sun's natural life cycle and the orbit of the Earth is that the sun will one day grow so warm that the oceans will evaporate and our planet will cease to be habitable. Now the Guardian reports that scientists have just worked out just how long Earth will spend in the "Goldilocks" zone and found that the habitable zone around the sun is creeping outwards at about a tenth of an astronomical unit (the distance from the Earth to the sun) every billion years. "It will get progressively hotter and there's nothing we can do about it," says Andrew Rushby, who studies planet habitability at the University of East Anglia. Unlike climate change driven by greenhouse gas emissions, the culprit behind the looming disaster is found in the equations of stellar evolution, which describe how stars burn brighter as they age. As they burn through what is called their main sequence, when they are fusing hydrogen into helium, they emit ever more heat. This pushes the habitable zone outwards in space so regions nearby become too hot for life, while more distant frigid stretches get warmer and more inviting. If humans ever have to abandon Earth, Mars might be our best bet. Mars will be in the habitable zone until the sun dies in 6 billion years (PDF). "The only problem with Mars is that it doesn't have much atmosphere," says Rushby.

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