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Comment Who controls the Internet today? (Score 2) 287

This is all a load of crock. It's not as if US is controlling the Internet today. If they were, then there would be no great firewall of China, no filtering of tweets in India and probably no net neutrality. Also, what is "US" that controls the Internet according to this - the government or the military or the people or what? Because I did not see any changes in the Internet when the US government changed. The packets didn't start flowing in different ways just because there was a new guy in the Oval Office.

Today the Internet is "controled" (and I use this word loosely) by technocrats and bureaucrats and civil servants. If tomorrow UN/ITU took "control" of the Internet NOTHING would change, as it would continue to be controlled by another group of technocrats and bureaucrats and civil servants. And one thing they are good at is maintaining the status quo.

With all these dictators as USians see them, "controlling" the UN, what of your rights was ever trampled in the 67 years of existance of UN? What ideology was rammed down people's throats? Now how do you think that those pesky russkies or chineeze will stop YOU from talking about things they don't like? By passing a UN resolution? First they don't have enough votes on their side, second the UN resolutions are sooooo well respected by everyone.

If the "control" was passed tomorrow from ICAAN to ITU, a couple of feel-good resolutions would be passed in the vein of "everyone should have the access to the Internet", some more non-latin cTLDs would be created (like you care for the ones that exist already), and NOTHING ELSE WOULD CHANGE. The China would still operate the great firewall withing their cyber-borders, Australia would still pass the laws requiering the ISPs there to filter traffic for terrorists, criminals and IP violators, and US would still discuss the SOPAs, PIPAs, ACTAs and Net Neutrality laws. Unless they create the Internet police with their blue berets that US can send to China to arrest people torrenting the latest films and vice versa that China can send to US for discussing Tiananmen. Don't be silly.

Comment Re:Time is an angle (Score 1) 235

Longitude can be expressed using gradians quite well (with 400 grads per full circle). Then it works out to one centigrad of arc on the equator equaling one kilometer.

In fact, during the aborted trial of decimal time right after the french revolution there were almanacs published with exactly that system - grads, decimal time and kilometers. And guess what, the same formulas for spherical trigonometry work out exactly the same as they do with the usual system of degrees, H/M/S and nautical miles.

Comment Re:Pilot's seat (Score 1) 549

OK, after being accused of picking nits, let me just explain that as a private pilot I love flying, but only in one context - operating an aircraft. For me at least other options of the poll where you are a passive spectator of the voyage are "being flown".

I don't think that the other proposed interpretations of my post really work since piloting is flying, whereas driving a boat or submarine cannot be interpreted in the other sense - being driven in the boat, or worse swimming.

As per Merriam Webster the verb "fly" can be used as a transitive verb to represent operating an aircraft. Interestingly, "I usually fly Economy class" does not parse according to M-W.

Comment Re:Checks and transfers (Score 1) 796

Luxembourg has a hugely convenient institution of pursuits office. Same with Switzerland, but I don't know about the other countries. It comes down to the principle of trust between parties, with the state carrying a big stick if that trust is breached. In both countries I was able to spend huge sums of money with deferred payments (like 10-30 days after the delivery of the product or the service) based on the trust by the seller that I will make the payment (or that my life and credit would be completely ruined to kingdom come if I did not and that they would still get the money).

Comment Re:Well... I could. (Score 1) 612

Sure does work for negative degrees. Or are you implying that anti-logarithm is defined for complex values whereas the logarithm is not defined for negative values?

Where I come from ln(-1) = i*pi, since e^(i*pi) = -1.

We could argue that it would work for 0 as well if we accept that ln(0) = -inf, and that e^-inf = 0.

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