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Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1) 277

Unless there's an ironclad agreement in place that I have to turn over all security credentials 'in my brain' after my termination (and I would never agree to such an agreement), my ex-employer is going to pay dearly for that information. They should have made sure that somebody else had access to this data BEFORE they fired him. I don't know enough background information about this particular case to know if the guy is really just an asshat but I don't like this trend that system / network administrators are responsible for any type of knowledge share AFTER they have been terminated, without any type of compensation.

Comment Re:What's the benefit of sending audio to both (Score 2) 189

Sending data to both ear pieces means that both ear pieces are master, this gives you the ability to use one while the other stays charged and switch them when the first one dies, not possible if one of them was a slave. This is how I would use them, provided they are comfortable and don't fall out of the ear as easily as the current earbuds do.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 4, Informative) 1430

It is specially ironic considering how dems went after Trump after he insinuated wouldn't accept the election results.

Don't take me wrong, I'm terrified about the prospect of the orange sexist taking office as much as anyone else, but he won the elections. These talks about having the EC changing their vote, or recounts are delusional.

It's not ironic at all. The democrats weren't the ones that started the recount process, it was a third party candidate after reading a study that showed a marked discrepancy in votes between paper districts and e-voting districts. Regardless of the outcome of a recount, if a recount is what it takes for people to finally accept the results of the election then that's a good thing.

Comment Re:Look a bit higher (Score 1) 307

if we'd hovered over his house to ogle his teenage daughter

I never read anything that indicated the drone was 'ogling' the daughter.

I have two UAVs and use them for real estate aerial photography and to take pictures of people's houses for them (It's something that people do up here in Nova Scotia). I have to sometimes fly over other people property to get the correct viewpoint or angle and I only need permission to take off or land on somebody's property. If they have an issue with anything I'm doing they have the right to contact the RCMP. This has happened to me twice. On both occasions I showed the officer my documentation and insurance and the matter was dropped.

I think that people should be required to register their UAVs in the States, it will go a long way in ensuring that people understand what they can and can't do with their UAVs. People should also STOP calling them 'drones' because of the negative connotations with that word, it's instantly associated with spying which is NOT a good thing.

Comment Re:Fuck It (Score 2) 113

I do pretty much the same thing. Any call coming in that isn't in my contact list goes directly to VM. My mobile provider has a nice VM to text service so I get to scan the text of the message and if it looks legit I'll either listen to the VM or call back. All spam numbers go into my blocked list. The number of spam or robo calls I get is pretty low now.

Comment Re:Money from people who want to sell? (Score 2) 241

Could someone wrap up in a few words how you could scam money from people who want to SELL something?

The most common scam aimed at sellers is the potential buyer (scammer) sends you an email that they want the item but they're out of town and will have their shipping company pick the item up. You're selling a guitar for $500, they tell you they'll send you a check for $550 to cover the guitar plus the $50 to give to their shipping company when the pick up the item. They send you a check for $650 and an email that the check was accidentally sent for the wrong amount. They ask you to cash the check at your bank and then Western Union the remaining $100 to them. Your bank will most likely 'clear' the check in 3-5 business days so you THINK the check is good because the money is in your account. You send them their 'extra' $100. 4 days later you check your bank account to find that the $650 deposit was reversed because it was in fact NOT a good check.

Submission + - SPAM: Online Book Library

cob666 writes: I used to buy any technical books I needed but now live in a more remote area where I no longer have access to big book stores with plenty of shelf space. I've used Safari Books Online in the past but their monthly costs have gone up a bit over the last year and they've made other changes to their plans. I was wondering if there were any other online book sites, what are you using and what are the pros / cons?

Comment Re:It might be correct course of action (Score 2) 130

Yes, companies ARE required to keep private medical information secure but whether or not the company THOUGHT their secure location extended to the directory where the patient data was is irrelevant. The data was unencrypted and freely accessible via an anonymous ftp server. The company should be penalized for allowing this to happen, NOT the user who found the exposed ftp server and informed the company that the records were freely available.

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