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Comment Re: Modern Technology (Score 2) 189

The only "permanent structures" we will leave to our next millenium ancestors will be:
  1. trash dumps
  2. nuclear powerplants (will those be the equivalents of castles and cathedrals of the 31st century? Oh, look at those complex curved titanium barrels they were able to produce with their ancient primitive tools!!)

Consider this, When we talk about nuclear storage facilities, we intend to build structures which will last tens of thousands of years. Good luck.

Comment Re:How big a fuss is it, really? (Score 2) 415

I make it a habit of describing my watch as a chronometer. Can you tell me what makes a modern mechanical watch a non-chronometer? Just curious is all.

A chronometer is a timekeeping device individually tested and certified by the official body "Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres" (COSC) Everything else is a watch.

Comment Been there, done same thing (Score 1) 394

just forgot to write a blog or post on /. I've logged several hundreds of thousands of miles on regular cars and cannot recall this happening once before. (including driving a Prius) driven ~15.000 miles in the Model S and this actually happened twice now. I think he's onto something. Although i disagree with his "software fix". several of the stop signs on steep hills in San Francisco require you to give gas before releasing the brake pedal. otherwise the car rolls back a foot or two before the torque kicks in.

Comment Re:Rube Goldberg (Score 1) 401

Once sh** hits the fan, the DoD is just gonna buy a bunch of knock-off F-16's from china.
They seem to be the only ones producing cheap stuff, and - well, if a few fall out of the sky, still cheaper than a F-35

Comment Re:Make sure the have basic English reading skills (Score 1) 231

as others pointed out - book in library means that someone else curated the content, made a conscious decision.

also - publishing a book is somewhat more of a higher investment for the author and should result on average in more thought out content.

Unlike a website which everyone can pretty much put up for free, to publish a book requires personal effort, financial commitment and the ability to convince a publisher to put their brand and money on the line.
Yes, there's always an exception to this ( but on average there is more knowledge per page than the internet (

Comment Re:Make sure the have basic English reading skills (Score 5, Insightful) 231

I honestly think you need to explain to the students the value of "reading pre-curated knowledge" from established experts (aka books) versus random one-off drivel on the screen (which includes comments on slashdot)

Too many times people think in a post-wikipedia world "real books" are outdated.

Comment Re:The root problem - Crappy wiring and stupid use (Score 1) 148

This is actually one of the "Default" Plugs that come with the mobile charger: NEMA 6-50 (

The mobile charger uses the two 120 legs for a 240V charge voltage.

Unfortunately this is often "retro-fitted" over a 30A dryer outlet, or people use stupid stuff like "dryer Outlet Adapters":
THAT's where the problems start.
Unfortunately there is no good way for a car to recognize the hacked, butchered and abused wiring in many homes.

(No, i'm not a licensed electrician, but i just remodeled and re-wired an entire house from the 50es. scary stuff!)

Comment The root problem - Crappy wiring and stupid users (Score 5, Interesting) 148

This is a good thing.

I got the 100Amp High ower Wall Charger with mine, and this puppy needs some serious juice!
When i got the car, i used my old "Welder" outlet in the garage, which supposedly was rated for 30 Amps. Of course noone ever was drawing full load from this for long periods of time before people had EVs.
Even my 30A welder only pulls PEAK 30 amp, and not more than a few minutes at a time.

Once i plugged in the Tesla and charging at 30A, the plug got VERY hot, to the point where i was uncomfortable with it, and i manually throttled it back to 18A.
(My default the car will charge at 80% of the rated capacity, so a 30A outlet would charge at 26A)

I could imagine that if left unattended, and not watched over by a curious EE nerd, this would have ended badly.

For the 100A charger i ran 2Gauge wire (That's about as thick as your average garden hose!)
And even the 2Gauge get's noticeably warm at 80A sustained charging.

In the meantime i have been to many friends and family where i "plugged in" (or helped them install their own chargers) and I've seen some shoddy wiring in garages!
Most people use a Dryer outlet "rated" for 30A, but really only good for ~15.
And then for good measure they throw in a 40A wall plate connector.

The tesla charger only recognizes the plug, and - assumes if there is a 40A plug it can suck 40A out of it.
When that has been DIY installed on top of a 20A wiring..... bzzzz we have a problem!

So, hopefully the continuous line voltage monitoring will help a bit, and protect people from their own shitty wiring!

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