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Comment I want less video (Score 2) 189

I guess that is one reason I like Slashdot.

I dislike the video content on I don't need a video of a reporter reading a story. I can read myself. In general would rather read a story and see a high-quality still picture than a tiny compress video.

Don't get me started on pictures or videos of text.


Comment Re:Small Claims Court? (Score 1) 571

Everything Zavodnik did was pretty brilliant. You would not want to play poker with this guy.

He threw the printer away to make himself seem ridiculous. That was planned. He wanted to look like a crank. What kind of idiot throws away evidence before taking you to small claims court? Then he sends you a weird letter wanting you to admit that you owe him $600,000. What do you do? What would you do if I sent you a registered letter saying that I wanted you to admit to owing me $600,000? You would ignore it like any sane person would...

Comment Re:Not misleading in the least (Score 5, Insightful) 564

The message used to say something like "Do you want to install Windows 10 now, or do you want to schedule your Windows 10 installation for later?" Clicking the X was the only way to say 'neither'. Now clicking the X says yeah, go ahead. You don't see this as sneaky in any way?

Remember a month ago when people were saying that there was no way you could accidently consent to installing Windows 10?

The only sane solution is to turn off all updates from Microsoft.

Comment Re:yeah, confusing (Score 2) 149

Pump storage works great as long as you have a mountain, a lake, and all the permits are in place. There are maybe a dozen places in the US where pump storage is viable. Batteries will be needed for EVs and the batteries in the EVs will massive controllable storage facility. When the batteries are no longer suitable for EVs, they can be re-purposed for grid storage for a few more years, and finally they can be recycled.

Comment Re:What counts as a big deal? (Score 0) 225

Both houses were damaged by the tornado. From some other reports, the house that was torn down was unlivable at the time.

It usually is often easier and cheaper to tear down a structure and start over that repair one.

I am sorry the owner lost some personal items, but it was a mistake and mistakes happen. No one was hurt. It can all be fixed. It really is not that big a deal.

Comment Are lanes needed on small roads? (Score 1) 602

In residential areas where there is a 25MPH speed limit, is it safer to drive on the far right side of the road or is it safer to drive near the middle of the road? Obviously, you pull to the right to pass on-coming car, but what is there is little to no on coming traffic? The 'unexpected' tends to come for the sides of the roads and driving near the center of the road increases visibility and gives you more time to react. There is no real danger of hitting an on-coming car, both drivers have plenty of time to move to the right.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 218

You are comparing the estimated cost of the hyperloop to the actual cost of an airline terminal. If an airline terminal actually costs $2 billion to build, do you really think that $6-$8 billion is a realistic estimate for the hyperloop? How would a hyperloop terminal be any less complex than an airline terminal?

Less land?? Are you forgetting the amount of land that the tube take up?

You could terminate in the center of a city iff you could acquire the right of way to the center of the city. Good luck with that.

Comment Cool but silly idea (Score 3, Interesting) 177

The idea sounds cool enough, but how does it benefit the customer? I am struggling to figure out what issue is solved by drone delivery. Drones are not faster than cars so it is not a speed issue. The drones require pilots so it is not a labor issue. Drones are expensive compared to a scooter or a used car so it is not a cost issue. Drones can't fly in bad weather so it is not a reliability issue...

If you are only 10 miles from your customer, you might as well open a retail store. Order on-line and pick up at the counter.

  Pizza delivery has been 30 minutes or less for decades and they do not need drones.

Comment Re:Carbon free power (Score 1) 98

. 12 years is about the longest half life of the 'dangerous stuff', which means you stop caring in a hundred years or so AT MOST

Bullcrap. cesium-137, strontium-90 and iodine-131 have half lives much longer than 12 years and are and are some of the more dangerous nuclear byproducts out there. You are a damned fool if you think you can stop caring about these after "100 years of so."

You are right in that materials with very long half lives are not that dangerous due to the fact that they are not that radioactive. Stuff with very short half lives does not stick around for a long time so it is not a long-term hazard. But you are WAY off in your assertion that a spent fuel rod is perfectly safe after a 100 years of so.

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