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Comment Re:It's just too expensive (Score 1) 251

Fusion power is also fission power. All current fusion technologies involve He3 or tritium, but of which are fission byproducts created by bombarding lithium with neutrons. The current thinking is to place lithium in the fusion reactors to soak up the neutrons and produce heat and fuel, effectively making them hybrid fission / fusion reactors.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 243

You may be better off without the option.

What if the options look like this:

You can have unlimited use a self-digging shovel today for $20,000. A year from now, you have also have unlimited use of a self-digging shovel for $20,000.


You cannot have a self-digging shovel today. A year from now, you can have a self-digging shovel for $5,000.

Which is the better option? The answer really depends on your needs.

Comment Re:Subject line smells (Score 2) 157

" You stick a disc in and movie plays."

Uhh. No. They do not work that way.

Have you actually used a DVD or Blu-Ray disc? You stick the disc in, watch several minutes of ads and warnings, and eventually get to a menu that allows the movie to play. It is annoying and it is one of the reasons I quit buying them.

Comment Re:He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 1) 1560

"Good includes the fact that he's not dependent on campaign contributors like almost all major politicians are."

Uhhhh.....I guarantee you that Trump has mountains of debt; that is the nature of the real estate business. If you believe that Trump does not owe anyone anything you are in for a very rude awakening.

Comment Re:How efficient is hydrogen really? (Score 1) 199

Another thing, H2O is a lousy combustion product if you are building an ICE. The problem is that H2O has a very high heat of vaporization, 44kJ/mol, and it is nearly impossible to recover this heat. When you burn hydrogen in an ICE, you are spending a lot of energy essentially boiling water. You get 286kJ from burning a mole of H2 gas, but you lose 15% of that heat because you cannot condense the water vapor.

Comment I want less video (Score 2) 189

I guess that is one reason I like Slashdot.

I dislike the video content on I don't need a video of a reporter reading a story. I can read myself. In general would rather read a story and see a high-quality still picture than a tiny compress video.

Don't get me started on pictures or videos of text.


Comment Re:Small Claims Court? (Score 1) 571

Everything Zavodnik did was pretty brilliant. You would not want to play poker with this guy.

He threw the printer away to make himself seem ridiculous. That was planned. He wanted to look like a crank. What kind of idiot throws away evidence before taking you to small claims court? Then he sends you a weird letter wanting you to admit that you owe him $600,000. What do you do? What would you do if I sent you a registered letter saying that I wanted you to admit to owing me $600,000? You would ignore it like any sane person would...

Comment Re:Not misleading in the least (Score 5, Insightful) 564

The message used to say something like "Do you want to install Windows 10 now, or do you want to schedule your Windows 10 installation for later?" Clicking the X was the only way to say 'neither'. Now clicking the X says yeah, go ahead. You don't see this as sneaky in any way?

Remember a month ago when people were saying that there was no way you could accidently consent to installing Windows 10?

The only sane solution is to turn off all updates from Microsoft.

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