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Comment Re:Basics only (Score 1) 293

Keep your wallet/phone on you at all times, bring a book instead of a laptop/tablet and don't leave anything you might end up crying for in the bag. That's how I went camping at the seaside for a couple of years, even if they stole the tent with everyting in it I was able to recover from it and get back home.

Comment Re:Null routes (Score 2) 303

Null route the ip being attacked, not the ip attacking. Of course this assumes you have a network consisting of more than a single ip.
Anyway this is basically the best way to handle a DoS. Otherwise you basically need to have the bandwidth/resources to endure the attack. Many providers will allow either a remote-triggered black hole session to their BGP router or allow a burst rate above your committed bandwidth if the interface allows for it.

This is the simplest way to handle a DDoS, not the best. Well, might be best from the provider's point of view. The best solution is to scrub the attack and let legitimate traffic pass through, but they decided to pay $400 instead of $6000.

@OP: a simple Google search gives you quite a few options on solving this problem. Just input "ddos protection" and hit Enter. You'll find that there are a lot of companies providing the exact service that you need, for less or more money than Rackspace, with "instant" setup. I used quotes since it takes a while until the new DNS entries will propagate, but you DO have options. Since you got scammed once, there's a good chance they'll try it again, so I suggest you try to be prepared for the next time.

Comment Re:swiss ball (Score 1) 262

I didn't say it was easy, it does take some time getting used to it, and the whole idea was to correct the posture. If you end up in a slugish position it means the ball/desk aren't the right height for you and you gotta change that first. It does wonders for people with lumbar problems, but there's a learning curve. You don't get to use the back muscles much when sitting on a chair or walking, that's why the ball has to be used in increments of time at first. And you need the motivation to do it, which I had.

Comment swiss ball (Score 3, Interesting) 262

Sit on a ball and get up every hour and walk for 5-10 minutes. We tend to lean somewhat when sitting in a chair, with the ball that's not very handy since you'll lose balance. Also you can bounce and annoy everyone else in the room. I have some back problems and a swiss ball has been strongly recommended for my recovery after a herniated disc surgery. I use it at work. Takes a while getting used to it at first, since the back muscles are lazy due to sitting in chairs, but eventually you'll get there if you really want to. And don't forget to get up and walk every once in a while.

Comment Re:No humans are weird (Score 1) 239

They made you change your posture to the worst possible posture for spine health, and you thanked them for it?

So which posture would you suggest for someone sitting? Leaning forward/backward? Or maybe sideways? If you're gonna criticize, at least be constructive about it and back it up with something.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 1) 68

This is the same mentality that keeps millions of smtp servers using unencrypted plain-text. I really don't think adding basic encryption should be seen as such an extravagant request. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't take security seriously and they are in charge of some pretty major corporations and popular products.

That's why you have PGP/Gnupg and the like. Besides, who has time to read someone else's mails? I barely have time to read my own!

Except its not. Even Firefox allows non-anonymous browsing (uses username/passwords) and IE can do uploads. For 99.9% of FTP users, the FTP client is the browser.

Blasphemy to be honest. Browsers are for por^H^H^Hbrowsing, get an FTP client for massive downloads. Soon you'll be asking for mail servers to allow you to send more than 5M attachments. Who do you think you are? Mooo

Comment Re:trying to imagine... (Score 1) 833

*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

I'm kidding, but you bring up a very serious point that I've witnessed over and over again. Someone at Blizzard did not think this one through at all.

I think the only positive thing Blizzard will get from this is less traffic on their official forums.

Somewhere a network engineer is claiming a victory. The forums are much more stable and the bandwidth costs have gone down. Hooray!

Network engineers don't do servers. They do care about bandwidth, true, but take my word for it, I'm happier when I have a reason to shutdown a customer's cunnection than just not having traffic. No traffic - > no customers -> no paycheck. We like customers that don't have problems and pay their bill ontime.

Comment Re:trying to imagine... (Score 1) 833

The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. People are less likely to act like an asshole if they don't have anonymity to hide behind. The only people who will be idiots any more are those who are idiots already.

I'm not in the business of acting like an idiot on any given forum although I am sometimes inclined to troll. My problem is that I do NOT want a page full of WoW forum links on a Google search for my name.

In that case, either:

1) Don't be a jack-ass on the Blizzard forums.

2) Don't use the Blizzard forums.

I'll probably do the latter.

Comment Re:Spelling? (Score 1) 494

It would be interesting to see if you preferentially dropped the letters that are typed by your non-writing hand. Perhaps your brain is assuming that the other hand will supply those letters, but you're only writing with one.

I honestly didn't think of that. Unfortunately I can't even check now since I had to do some handwriting lately and my hand got used to it again :) But when I make handwriting mistakes (the ones previously mentioned) it just feels like a delay in writing compared to where my brain is in composing the phrase.

You got me thinking though.

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