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Comment Re:It can be a blurry line (Score 1) 129

You know, because ticking a single box to enable IMAP is hard. And because you wouldn't want to allow pretty much every device under the sun, rather than a few in the exclusive have-paid-microsoft/are-microsoft club to connect.

Enabling IMAP won't do a bit of good if it's not open through the firewall. Opening the hole in the firewall requires change control documentation for SOX purposes, good governance, and security sanity, and no change request gets approved without business justification. YMMV.

Comment Re:??? Ok then... (Score 2, Interesting) 198

I've never used Firefox Mobile, and probably won't for a long time. Your insistence that Safari and Opera are complete web browsers, however, is laughable. Mobile Safari is by no means a 'complete' browser: no support for add-ons, missing Flash support, etc. Opera Mini isn't even a true web browser - it's a redisplay app like Skyfire, and neither of them are all that great. I can't talk about Netfront because I've not used it either. Got a download link?

Comment Re:Is this a good idea? (Score 0) 164

If FF3 is being used before a v1 release, it ought to be used in order to find bugs so that the development team can fix them for the release version. /quote This is what baffles me about the 8.04 release of *buntu. Why they would include the beta of FF3 is beyond me. If you do a dist-upgrade, it's going to break more than you want pretty much every time.

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