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Submission + - Google Checkout TOS Friday Massacre 1

cmkeane writes: Google has changed its payout schedule for checkout sellers. If a seller account is linked to the android marketplace, then payouts now will be on a 15 day delay for the month following the payment, rather than on a 2 business-day continuous schedule. This appears to apply even if you don't sell anything on the marketplace. And to add insult, they emailed notice on February 11 for a change effective February 6.

For a non-profit like I work for, we used google checkout to handle our credit card transactions because the cost of PCI compliance, etc, we needed to offload it. And we can't afford to ship physical goods with google holding on to the cash for up to 45 days, So off to evaluate the other competitors in this arena. What are others' thoughts on similar services provided by paypal, amazon, etc?

Not to mention their link in the email to: is coming up as a page not found, Way to stay classy.

Comment Did only whiners buy the Nexus One? (Score 5, Insightful) 146

I ordered the N1 right out of the box, and it has performed almost flawlessly. The 3G has held as good as anything in REAL use. And it has compared favorably with my experience on the myTouch on t-mobile, and a long list of WM phones on AT&T. It is possible there is a bad batch in the initial production line, or perhaps people are spending WAY too much time looking at their signal status! I have never seen any phone be perfect in holding steady bars/speed level on any carrier in real use - you know, moving about in a building, driving a car, and even just sitting in my office. Too many variables. Its a friggin' phone, not a magical device and large production runs may have some flaws. Now the apparent lack of customer support planned, that is a different story.

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