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Comment yes please. (Score 3, Insightful) 95

I want less "Suggested" posts. I don't mind news that one of my friends shared and thinks is important, I do dislike algorithmicly chosen junk that I might like, because usually it is wrong.

Really I just use facebook to keep up with long distance family and friends. And really, I don't accept friend requests from all of my family either.

Comment February or so... (Score 1) 385

Last I used was the H&R Block tax software from last year. In fact the disc is still in my laptop drive. I only used the disc version because I got a deal and it was cheaper than a direct download from Amazon.

I've since switched over to Linux full time so I'll probably have to do the taxes next year on my wife's windows laptop. I've been contemplating getting one of those drive caddies that replace the laptop optical drive and allows you to install an additional hard drive. That way I could put in a second SSD!

Comment I switched to Linux, here is why.... (Score 2) 405

So I had messed around with various distributions of linux over they years (and frequently work on linux/unix/solaris systems at work) but had never taken the full plunge for my personal daily driver until a couple of months ago. I had take the Win10 upgrade from the win7 that had original shipped, and didn't have any issues with drivers/etc. but something kept bothering me. It started with not being able to control when updates occurred, I'd be in the middle of something and windows would decide that right now was when it had to update. There isn't much the torques me more than being interrupted when trying to hack out some code. Then I was trying to boot a newer linux distro off a thumb drive and found the startup process wasn't letting me get to the bios to choose the boot device, which I found out was due to the computer being in some sort of hibernate state even though I told windows to shut down. Apparently in order to improve boot times Win10 actually puts the system in a hibernate like state when you shut down, unless you hack the registry or use a special parm on a shutdown command.

TL;DR I got fed up with it and switched to Ubuntu-MATE, and replaced the hard drive with a SSD. Booting from cold no takes 15 seconds including entering the password.

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