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Comment I switched to Linux, here is why.... (Score 2) 400

So I had messed around with various distributions of linux over they years (and frequently work on linux/unix/solaris systems at work) but had never taken the full plunge for my personal daily driver until a couple of months ago. I had take the Win10 upgrade from the win7 that had original shipped, and didn't have any issues with drivers/etc. but something kept bothering me. It started with not being able to control when updates occurred, I'd be in the middle of something and windows would decide that right now was when it had to update. There isn't much the torques me more than being interrupted when trying to hack out some code. Then I was trying to boot a newer linux distro off a thumb drive and found the startup process wasn't letting me get to the bios to choose the boot device, which I found out was due to the computer being in some sort of hibernate state even though I told windows to shut down. Apparently in order to improve boot times Win10 actually puts the system in a hibernate like state when you shut down, unless you hack the registry or use a special parm on a shutdown command.

TL;DR I got fed up with it and switched to Ubuntu-MATE, and replaced the hard drive with a SSD. Booting from cold no takes 15 seconds including entering the password.

Comment Why a museum? (Score 1) 133

Museum are about the past and are passive learning, how about something like Do Space in Omaha, NE?

Think of it like a high tech library

Computers available for the use of all
3D printers/laser cutter available
Tech activity kits for checkout:
Regular/Special Events (Girls Who Code, Cyber Seniors, software classes, etc. ,

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 2) 160

The link to the justice departments press release explains more than the op or the poorly edited article.

It appears that officials of the Malasian govt stole the money from a Malasian government development fund that is/was intended to fund gov't projects.

click where it says " seize proceeds from the 2013 movie, " in the op, or

Submission + - Pokemon Go Banned by Fatwa in Saudi Arabia (

EmagGeek writes: Top clerics in Saudi Arabia have issued a fatwa banning the playing of Pokemon Go as a form of gambling.

The decree was issued by General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars on the website of the General Presidency for Scholarly Research and Ifta, Arab News reported Wednesday.

The edict actually updates an existing ban on the Pokemon card and video games before they morphed into the mobile phone virtual reality game that has swept the world.

The clerics issued the old fatwa, (No. 21,758), 16 years ago, declaring the original Japanese game a form of gambling, which is forbidden in Islam,

Submission + - Milo Yiannopoulos Permanently Suspended from Twitter

Raenex writes: Breitbart writer and conservative provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos, was permanently suspended from Twitter amid a dust-up with Ghostbusters (2016) actress Leslie Jones. Trolls had been harassing Jones with racist tweets after the movie's opening, prompting agitated responses from Jones. Milo entered the fray with, "If at first you don't succeed (because your work is terrible), play the victim" and "EVERYONE GETS HATE MAIL FFS". After some back and forth, Milo was eventually blocked by Jones and banned by Twitter after CEO Jack Dorsey became involved.

While outlets such as TechCrunch signaled their approval, Milo summed up his banning with the following: "Twitter is intent on protecting free speech, as long as you are a Hollywood actress who bravely tweets about white people, or a New York globalist advocating for violence against Donald Trump. They’ve made it clear that being gay and conservative doesn’t get me past the velvet rope into their free speech club, which is looking more and more like the same liberal echo chamber the mainstream media turned into decades ago."

Submission + - Marine Vs Hilary Clinton Mishandling Classified Information (

godatum writes: This Marine only sent one email and now is pending separation from the Marines. How many emails did Hilary send?
From Article: "Maj. Jason Brezler, a Marine Corps Reservist, who has served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has some 16 years in uniform came under fire for mishandling classified information in 2012."

Marine seeks appeal of classified data case citing breaks given to Hillary

Comment Re:Windows10 (Score 2) 212

I got rid of it, by finally realizing that there isn't anything I do in Windows that I can't do in linux. All of the dev tools (java/android/git) I use are available on linux. capable office suites are available, I finally made the switch and now get no more nags from Microsoft. I also took the opportunity to upgrade the laptop with a SSD and my boot time from cold power off state is about 12 seconds!

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