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Comment Not broken, so don't fix it. (Score 1) 1081

It's not perfect, but it does serve it's function. What isn't perfect and should be fixed is that we only have a 2 party system (despite the appearance of supporting more parties). Time I think to look at how the party systems in other countries work, where a coalition needs to be formed if a single party doesn't get enough votes.

I'm not happy with this election's results, but I respect the system...I just think it's time to rethink the system. Probably won't happen though.

Comment Should be: First World reasons to be excited (Score 2) 282

The First World will certainly "benefit", the Third World doesn't really get much from this list.

We're so coddled that we still only think about ourselves and the world we imagine we'd like to live in (even though the one we're in is already extremely cushy for the most part).

Let's not forget that not everyone has it anywhere near as good as we do. They may not want to live like us, but they want to live without the constant threat of hunger, violence or even just a heavy rain.

Comment Re:Maybe someday.... (Score 1) 369

Agreed. I tend to not read as many AC entries anyway...I can ignore the idiots, though that sometimes means I miss entries that actually contribute to the discussion.

I don't see it as necessary to attempt to block has been said, they'll find their way in one way or another if they're desperate. I ignore them like I ignore advertisements.

Comment A great way to piss off your audience (Score 5, Insightful) 254

The restrictions are just way too limiting. It's a big universe, and CBS/Paramount should "make" space for proper fan fiction, not beam-it-out in wide-dispersal mode.
I for one, will think twice before spending any money on any new Star Trek ventures going forward. Very, very disappointed.

Comment Silly Toyota (Score 1) 116

Put the app on the users phone...take advantage of the power that's already in the users hand. Certainly integrate a panel/voice control with the users phone, but don't make them use Microsoft...a word synonymous with the word Crash, in a car. Car tech doesn't change as fast as phone tech does, plus, most users will not be happy paying for yet another internet connection. And, if you put the functionality on their phone, they'll have access to it no matter who's car they're driving (or the passenger in).

Comment What about pedestrians? (Score 5, Insightful) 264

Seems like they still need to play a part in any scenario with or without traffic lights. Dropping traffic lights may be fine for autonomous vehicles, but that also means that people will just walk when they want to, which'll make cars stop to let them pass. Perfectly fine when there's few pedestrians, but when there's a lot, the automobile traffic will totally come to a half if no one is stopping people from walking into the street.

Comment Kickstarter Project more than half way there (Score 1) 81

This Kickstarter project:, which has just announce that it's shipping (with the usual delays hopefully over), seems like it's already solved the major issues, and just needs a hardware refactoring to produce the USB connection you're looking for.

I'd recommend getting in-touch with the creators and see if they'd be interested in developing this. This is their second Kickstarter project (at least), so they've already learned a lot, so could be positioned well to run with it.

Comment Pattern recognition... (Score 1) 21

Let's hope they're also on the look-out for debris like from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 etc..

I'm sure there's a bunch of human crap down there (though probably re-purposed where possible by the local inhabitants), but all of it should be of interest to us...either for the damage it's causing, or the damage it's from.

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