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Comment Re:What makes the NDP "right wing"? (Score 1) 457

Valid opinion. However if you say this in Germany, you are a Nazi. There are many reasons, but one esp. is that the NPD doesnt want foreigners esp. from arabic countrys in Germany. Generally, you canont discuss rationally anything related to cultural or social problems betwheen Germans and certain foreign people like the Arabs. This comes because after the war we where all evil, so to say: "Hitler killed the Jews, that was wrong, but we have seen our mistake and NOW we are tolerant to everybody". Ideas of Multiculturalism emerged, negating pretty much all real problems bethween different cultures, wich of course always exists. Whoever spoke about problems with other nations is a Nazi. The NPD of course might have some resonable policies, but on the other hand many extremist people are in there. If you are a member of the NPD in Germany, you are target of public hate and harassment. It's some kind of ritual. If you are maybe a public person, and would say something slightly reasonable about the NPD, or would refuse to take part in a donation or petition "Against Right", as there are many, you would be excluded from public life and humiliated. Just to give you an idea. My view is, that of course there are more then enough crackpots in the NPD, and I wonder why they dont realize they cant't win, but this kind of public hysteria and open hate towards them is also not healthy.

Comment Arrogant and zynic (Score 1) 457

I have to wonder about the attitude of these "T-Shirt Partisans", how they dare to interfere with the private life of others. How arrogant and zynic this is, "donating" T-Shirts, but it's not a real donation, it's a "fuck you", disguised as "helping". The people who do such actions seem to view themselfes as morally superior. There could not be a much more dangerous attitude.

Comment Good move (Score 1) 373

No thats a good move from google. Look at all these anonymous assholes all over the web. Nobody in real life would act like this. Anonymity has its place, like here, and it can also be fun to go berserk under anonymity, nothing bad about that. But its also not necessarily bad demanding real names. Some foras work fine by it. Tracking is another matter, yes.

Comment Irresponsible maybe for themselfes (Score 1) 187

Who really cares about budget and equipment outlays from Nato. These Anonymous guys are probably not dumb and know when a story gets to big. Maybe they ARE clever enough to remain undetected (I doubt that), but even then it's surely not a good feeling walking around and knowing the military is after you because you just unfolded the next two or three strategic operations. Thats not fun anymore.

Comment Same with dirt (Score 1) 493

Its the same with dirt. Childs wich play outside everywhere and wich come in contact with all kind of dirt, soil, germs get a normal immune system. If you try to protect your child from germs and whatnot it gets ill, because the immune-system gets not trained. Concerns over lawsuits and not the needs of childrens shape the playgrounds. Society is no longer aware of basic knowledge.

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