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Comment Hoping for a corrective backlash (Score 5, Interesting) 531

Propaganda is most effective when it's least expected. Citizens of the USSR knew the government was lying to them regularly, and developed a healthy skepticism of its statements. I think many Americans believe their free-speech society is propaganda-free, and as such, have a poor "immune response." Maybe a pervasive fake news problem will hone the citizens' bullshit detectors. Here's hoping.

Comment Re:The problem with these meters (Score 1) 148

This is basically what I do, but with a theme: my phrase is always a line that I would have delivered in a movie, had I been a character in that movie. I can leave myself hints like "Heat" or "12 Monkeys" and because the line doesn't appear in the movie, even feeding the whole damn screenplay into a brute-force program won't work.

Comment Re:Censorship? (Score 5, Insightful) 146

At this point, anything broadly considered to be a "major US news outlet" has, at best, a tangential relationship with "news." CNN is hopelessly clueless and out of touch, while Fox & MSNBC are the propaganda arms of their respective parties. The NYT sat on a vitally important story, clearly in the public interest, in order to help GWB's re-election campaign. These groups are marketing organizations, who sometimes publish news as a means of promoting their brand.

On the plus side, a major US journalism outlet, The Intercept, is on it.

Comment Re:How much spyware is in it? (Score 1) 400

Microsoft stated their intentions to embrace open source, and they appear to be following through.

My sweet summer child, I used to be you. Bless your heart. Offering the benefit of the doubt is a noble and generous act.

History suggests that we should be vigilant and looking out for Microsoft trying to apply the 3E model again

Wait, so you know about this shit? You know they have a history of dishonesty and bad faith? I'm afraid I must now take a less charitable view of that first thing I quoted.

Comment Re:Ho hum (Score 1) 103

Origin was never about serving the customer better, it was always about EA making more money per sale and having more control. Ditto for the MS app store. Probably, ditto for FB/Unity. There's no way that anyone looks at the gaming market and says, "wow, Steam is failing to meet its customers' needs, so I'll get right on that and create something better!" They're looking at the gaming market and saying, "wow, I wish all that money was going into my pockets." There's nothing wrong with making a profit, but it's supposed to be the reward for providing value to your customers, not corralling people into your locked-down walled garden.

Comment Re:It's bad enough that I have to deal with Origin (Score 2) 103

I've boycotted Origin (and, therefore, all EA games) since its inception five years ago. I've been periodically tempted by Battlefield games, but mostly, I just don't feel like I've missed out on anything. I will feel the same way about whatever FB/Unity come up with.

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