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Comment Just do it (Score 1) 181

China is dynamic and hungry for all kinds of talent. Keep your eyes and your mind open. Take a job and see where it leads. Education for example is a good intro. You have the qualifications to teach at University. You will meet people. Stuff will happen. I went to China to teach English. Within 2 months I was teaching gnu/linux/open source stuff. I'm sure more would have happened if they hadn't refused me a visa. Have fun. Watch out for the government thugs. Don't trust anyone. Yikes.

Comment Sensitive Clod (Score 1) 1141

Such a lot of insensitive clods! I have 4 bicycles and any one of them can get better mileage than this. I am 57 years old and have never owned an automobile. I have lived in major urban centres on several continents and commuted by bicycle all my life. Try it.

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