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Comment Re:Progress (Score 3, Insightful) 128

Yeah, it really is a joke. Even the Google car only operates in autonomous mode a bit over half the time, the rest of the time being piloted by a real person. That's about the same percentage of time you can text, eat, change the radio, etc. as a person and not pay attention to the road. So what we're really being told is that we've finally gotten a computer to be able to do what a human can do with spare background cycles.


Although if we're being truthfully honest about all AI and all autonomous cars and all this hype, the real story is:

Objective: Eliminate humans. Eliminate the human experience, eliminate the human element and turn the world into one big machine.

But that's the elephant in the room that no one will admit, that the entire agenda is one that's anti-humanity, period. Too bad the computers will NEVER be able to reliably make the kinds of judgment calls that humans can and the entire AI borg system is going to come crashing down sooner or later, so we really won't have to worry about the anti-humanist ilk ever really doing much of anything to worry about.

Comment Re:Huh?!? (Score 1) 85

I'd say most everyone doesn't realize that. If anything, the vast majority of people's only experience with autopilot is in an airplane they've seen in a Hollywood movie flying itself while the pilot goes to the john or uses a stewardess. I don't know why Musk continues to call his system autopilot when it clearly means "adaptive cruise control with lane detection system". Even Cadillac was smart enough to call it "Super Cruise".

Comment Re:Huh?!? (Score 4, Insightful) 85

They've since corrected the error in translation to better convey the meaning behind the English "autopilot".

You're referring to the meaning that, to the 95% of the English-speaking population who have never flown an airplane or have any background or knowledge of aviation, means "self-flying", no?

Comment Re:2013 Leaf Owner here (Score 1) 990

Guiltless endless A/C when parked.

Soo, I run my electric-powered A/C at home and I'm supposed to feel guilty (that's what the green police have told me anyway, trust me I don't), but running the electric-powered A/C in an electric vehicle plugged into a charger and that's "guiltless"? Did no one actually think that one through?

And let's be perfectly frank, are people actually that stupid that they don't realize that even with the efficiency gains from not using an ICE, shifting all the burden to power plants and onto the grid only causes *more* pollution from those sources and opens up a whole new set of problems and challenges keeping the electric grid operational, or is everyone just super disingenuous?

Comment My fat white ass... (Score 5, Insightful) 446

...that this is about terrorism. FFS we have the best military intelligence in the world, and we can't stop a rag-tag bunch of third-world "militants"? Bull. Shit.

Every time the elites want more control over the populace or want to ban something, they trot out their wholly-owned and operated subsidiary ISIL (or whatever they're called this week, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc.) to demonize the freedom du jure and everyone bends over. Banning encryption is not "central to defeating terrorism", banning encryption is "central to defeating personal liberty".

These Reuters/AP/wire reports always read properly when you replace terrorism with liberty or freedom anyway. Liberty must be stopped. Freedom is running rampant. Liberty is at odds with modern society. The actual terrorist acts could be stopped if governments wanted them to stop, but they don't want them to, they want to exacerbate them in the name of stopping freedom.

Comment Re: F***ING MILLENNIAL SNOWFLAKES (Score 1) 216

Anyone who gets the, ahem, pleasure of browsing at -1 consistently know this troll has been posting the same crap in nearly every article's comment section for like a week now. It's nothing against this particular article, just lowest-common-denominator trolling on the level of links to goatse, etc. Don't feed it.

Comment Re:Why exactly is DoHS involved? (Score 2) 105

So, let me get this straight:

2. Selling ads == money laundering.
3. He's not violating tax laws, yet the IRS is still involved.
4. Purchasing email services from a US provider somehow makes you subject to all laws of the United States?

You're really grasping at straws, here.

As for 1...I agree that his service enabled users of that service to infringe on the copyrights of US entities, but are those copyrights valid in Poland or Ukraine? Do the laws of those countries spell out the punishment for copyright infringement of foreign copyrights? Why isn't he being punished under the laws of either his country of citizenship or residency, then? Masterminding a bank robbery != running a torrent tracker. In that case, there's an actual law being violated in the country where the law exists. Running a website is hardly bank robbery.

Comment Re:Why exactly is DoHS involved? (Score 1) 105

Give me a fucking break. He had no assets in the United States, was not operating a company in the United States, seems to have had no ties to the United States.

And by your definition, a Mexican citizen who commits murder in Mexico should be extradited and tried under US laws? Explain that to me, please, I'll be waiting there, friendly.

Comment More Globalist US Government Overreach (Score 3, Insightful) 105

Don't think we have a Global Government? Think Again!! You can run a site that's perfectly legal in the jurisdiction in which you operate it, make money off it which is perfectly legal in the jurisdiction in which it operates, not even be a US Citizen, or even a citizen of the country you reside in, but the friendly US Government will still come kick your door down and cart you off to the inner empire to a kangaroo court where you'll be railroaded into pleading guilty to charges you have no chance of fighting against.

I mean if the United States INTERNAL Revenue Service can investigate a Ukranian citizen living in Poland for "conspiracy" to launder money, does any nation on this planet, save Iran or North Korea, really have any sovereignty from the United States?

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