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Comment Re:Or they flew over a CAFO (Score 1) 577

I love ethnic food. Even when it’s vegetarian. And I love meat. In fact, I love just about any food if it tastes good. I’m really not that hard to please, unless people start telling me I shouldn’t eat a particular type of food that does taste good... at all (okay, I get the whole principle of not eating too much or over-consuming one particular type of food, like dessert... that’s not what I’m talking about).

Then I start getting annoyed.

Comment Re:Or they flew over a CAFO (Score 1) 577

We are not fast enough to catch the animals that we eat.

Maybe you aren’t fast enough, lard-ass, but don’t go saying “we” as if you get to speak for the entire human race.


And I’d have a hard time killing and dissecting that hunk of meat because (if you believe evolution) it took away my claws and fangs around the same time it gave me the brain I needed to fashion tools such as knives and utensils to take their place. Personally I’m okay with that trade-off.

Comment Re:Or they flew over a CAFO (Score 1) 577

plants have a different survival strategy, they want you to eat them

their fruit is sweet so that birds will eat it and spread the seeds far and wide

The latter is not adequate evidence of the former. It might be evidence that “plants want birds to eat their fruit,” but that wasn’t what you said.

The plants’ seeds happen to be hardy enough to survive the short trip through a bird’s digestive system. Wanna guess what happens to them in your digestive system? What’s more, birds don’t have teeth with which to masticate their food. By chewing, you’re destroying the protective shells and membranes that prevented the seeds from being digested.

And that still doesn’t even begin to justify eating their stems, leaves, seeds (i.e. destructively, such as nuts or beans), and roots.

Comment Re:Or they flew over a CAFO (Score 1) 577

I mean, that's the only way a human can do things: Humanely. The word actually means "In a human way".

No; “humane” means “Having regard for the health and well-being of another [human]; compassionate”... and it begs the question “should animals be treated as if they were human? isn’t that sort of illogical?”


Submission + - Nursing Students Expelled Over Facebook Pictures (kansascity.com)

clone52431 writes: In a strange twist on the usual story, four nursing students have been expelled from the Johnson County Community College over some pictures that apparently made someone at the college cringe. No, they didn’t pose nude, or with beer, hookers, or underage children – they were posing with a human placenta during a visit to the Olathe Medical Center for one of their lab classes. According to JCCC director of nursing, Jeanne Walsh, “Your demeanor and lack of professional behavior surrounding this event was considered a disruption to the learning environment and did not exemplify the professional behavior that we expect in the nursing program,” (in a letter to one of the expelled students) and a college dean is calling this “a lesson hard learned.” Now, I’m not one for shirking consequences, but what exactly are the consequences of posing with a placenta? I don’t think it’s illegal, and I don’t think the placenta’s HIPPA rights were violated... so why did they get kicked out of school over it? My guess: Cooties.

Comment Re:Malware & Botnets? NOT A PROBLEM! How? (Score 1) 263

I don’t trust much he says, partly due to the fact that he’s been banned on forums before because he registers sock-puppet accounts to bump his threads and write fake “testimonials” about how they used “apk’s guide” and haven’t had a virus in the past however long. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of spam and the fact that his posts appear to be written by a pseudo-random copypasta generator, due to the typical similarities in them.

And we all know he IP-resets to get around the postlimit here on Slashdot.

Comment Ok... time out. (Score 1) 241

What the HECK are you talking about? Seriously?

I think you have me confused for someone else... I haven’t modded any of your posts recently (that I can remember), much less with multiple usernames... in fact I just checked your recent post history and I don’t see any that were moderated at all so I’m really not sure what you’re talking about here.

Note: I am not the AC poster.

Well that much I know: I know exactly who the AC poster is. He’s Alexander Peter Kowalski, goes by his initials (apk), is a rabid evangelist for hosts-file based malware-blocking, posts at the slightest provocation pages and pages of copypasta that he’s apparently generated, wrote some horrid-looking shareware some years ago, and has been trolling the interwebz for something like the past 15-20 years. Seriously, google his name, and you’ll pretty quickly see how credible he is.

As far as his off-topic replies, he’s recently been stalking me because I contradicted him here (and I really wasn’t the AC guy posting shell scripts in that thread, though apk was thoroughly convinced I must be). If you knew apk, you’d probably be familiar with this tactic (he’s also been stalking metrix007, and a few more users I think, though I can’t remember them off the top of my head).

Me, on the other hand, I generally try to get along with anyone who isn’t a complete loon or an idiot (i.e. apk), so maybe we got off on the wrong foot. And I can’t fathom what on earth in my post about a “stopped clock” was rude. It certainly wasn’t intended to be, although I did misunderstand your post before it.

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