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Comment Maybe he should have googled Streisand Effect... (Score 1) 305

So I just googled the guy. The entire first page of results (and several subsequent pages) are about one of two things:

1) Guy Hingston sued Google because of the term 'bankrupt' appearing in the auto-complete
2) Guy Hingston saved a bus load of children from a burning building

Sadly, now that's he's filed the lawsuit, he'll forever be known as the bankrupt douche doctor who sued Google. Well, at least those children will remember him for the true hero he really is.

Comment Most definitely yes (Score 1) 144

I used to live in Taiwan back in the 90s and discovered these balls at the local night market. They were marketed as kids toys back then. But I discovered they rapidly increased the strength in my wrists and fingers and decreased my carpal tunnel symptoms substantially. I bought half a dozen and keep a couple around my house and still keep the others packed up in case one breaks/dies. I had no idea these balls were still around, let alone being used for curing symptoms which I had independently discovered a long time ago. So yeah, I 100% recommend these things.

Comment slashdot is next to be banned (Score 1) 166

...thanks to this page. I live in Thailand, and it's not so bad as what you might think. But... I have to use one of those private VPN services in order to get halfway decent speed on my connection because all int'l data is throttled, and bittorrents are almost entirely blocked on some ISPs. My former ISP had a faulty censorship proxy and it would regularly serve up random "blocked" pages on legit sites for no reason. But even with a 8mps ADSL connection, I still find faster internet service when tethering my iphone to 3G (which still isn't officially allowed here), so Thailand still has a long way to go.

Comment The QUAD underground (Score 4, Interesting) 397

There are also an amazing number of people who are transferring old Quad albums and tapes from the 70s. They digitize them and then re-release them on Bittorrent as DTS encoded .wav files which can playback with any CD player and any standard 5.1 surround sound system. I personally possess nearly a terabyte of such albums, and I've hardly scratched the surface of what's out there. It's amazing to listen these old quad albums because most of them were professionally mixed and they enable the listener to appreciate the music more than any stereo recording can, often you get entirely different takes than the stereo release. Check out http://groups.google.com/group/SurroundSound/ or Demonoid torrent site.

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