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Comment Re:Was that really necessary? (Score 1) 208

I agree with the main idea of your post, which is that most people don't care about the current threats, made obvious by the fact that there is not enough uproar by the communities, and that businesses and governments seem to continue like it's business as usual. Isn't it clear that in order for there to be change, action must be taken? Many of us who care about the issues you mentioned above (we care to different degrees) indulge in complaining instead of cooperative problem solving. Is it a lack of know-how, motivation, or intelligence?

Submission + - CarrierIQ makes mainstream news front page (

Pat Attack writes: Today, CarrierIQ, the spyware we have all come to know in the Slashdot community, has made it's way onto the CNN front page. CNN Money reports what we already know. Christopher Soghoian, a cyberprivacy researcher and fellow at human rights organization Open Society is quoted in the article. 'Carrier IQ doesn't seem as nefarious as incompetent, but that may not be enough to allay the legitimate concerns of the public,' he said. 'There would be huge issues if this data were transmitted to a carrier, but even if not, it presents huge concerns. This would be a gold mine for a hacker.'
Does this new public awareness put pressures on the Wireless Overlords to remove the software?

Submission + - Religion embraced by atheist scientists with child (

cloakedpegasus writes: "Some atheist scientists with children embrace religious traditions for social and personal reasons, according to research from Rice University and the University at Buffalo — The State University of New York (SUNY)." Also "...some atheist scientists want their children to know about different religions so their children can make informed decisions about their own religious preferences." " A grant from the John Templeton Foundation and funding from Rice supported the research."

Submission + - Microsoft allowed to continue $8.5 Billion Skype (

the simurgh writes: microsft has won U.S. antitrust approval to buy the Internet phone service Skype, the Federal Trade Commission said in a website posting Friday.

Microsoft announced in May it was buying Skype for $8.5 billion, its biggest-ever acquisition, placing a rich bet on mobile and the Internet to try and best rivals such as Google Inc.

The approval was announced in a listing of deal approvals that comes out several times a week.
Microsoft's interest in the money-losing, but popular service highlights a need to gain new customers for its Windows and Office software.

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