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Submission + - Measels Vaccine Used To Put Woman's Cancer Into Remission (

clm1970 writes: A Minnesota woman’s blood cancer has gone into complete remission after she was given a high dose of the measles vaccine during a clinical trial. In a last ditch effort to save the woman's life this "proof of concept" shows that massive doses of intravenous viral therapy can at the very least treat cancer. 6 months after treatment the cancer has gone from life threatening to undetectable. While only done on a small scale of two patients with one not showing signs of improvement it does pave the way for larger clinical trials.

Submission + - Guilty Verdict In First Ever Cybercrime RICO Trial (

clm1970 writes: A young Arizona identity thief is the first person in the U.S. to be found guilty of federal racketeering charges for facilitating his crimes over a website. The precedent could mean that even the most casual user of a site used primarily for illegal activity could be punished as harshly as the most serious offenders.

Submission + - Amazon Planning Delivery Drones (

clm1970 writes: In a move that should have the big names in package delivery quaking in their boots, Amazon plans to use drones for getting packages to your door. Sometimes in 30 minutes or less. While optimistic estimates of 4 years to begin drone deliveries are technically achievable regulatory realities will likely push the service out further.

Submission + - Government Scooping Up Verizon Phone Records (

clm1970 writes: The National Security Agency is vacuuming up records of millions of phone calls made inside the United States, a top secret court order reveals.

A top secret order that was released this afternoon requires Verizon to hand over to the NSA "on an ongoing daily basis" information about all domestic and overseas calls — "including local telephone calls."


Submission + - Mcafee Associates: Massive Cyberattack Planned (

clm1970 writes: Criminals intent on stealing millions of dollars from consumer bank accounts plan to unleash a massive cyberattack on major U.S. banks, security firm McAfee warns in a new report.

McAfee’s report confirms a warning from RSA, the security division of EMC Corp., which said in October that a criminal ring had created an advanced cyberattack to steal money from bank accounts at major banks, according to CNNMoney.

Read more: McAfee: Massive Cyberattack on US Banks Planned
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Submission + - UK Scientists Claim To Develop 2000 Times Faster Broadband via Fibre Optic (

clm1970 writes: A team of scientists working out of Bangor University in Wales has developed a commercially affordable method of using Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OOFDM) over fibre optic lines, which could deliver broadband ISP speeds that are 2,000 times faster than current services.

Submission + - Man Creates "Tricorder" (

clm1970 writes: "A PhD graduate of the Cognitive Science Laboratory at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has developed a scientific measurement device based on the tricorders used by Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy and other space adventurers on the classic TV series that has spawned numerous spin-offs in more than 45 years. Inspired to be a scientist by the series Dr. Peter Jansen, a 29 year old recent Ph.D. graduate has been working on his prototypes for 5 years."

Submission + - Antibiotic Resistance And The Post-Antibiotic Era (

clm1970 writes: Speaking at a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization aid antibiotic resistance could bring about "the end of modern medicine as we know it.". Diseases once easy to treat are becoming more and more resistant to conventional treatments. Even drug resistant strains of salmonella, E. coli, and gonorrhea have been discovered.

Submission + - Tin Whiskers On Toyotas Revisited (

clm1970 writes: A recent investigation into the supposed "Tin Whiskers" on the Toyota acceleration problem has yielded some results. A symposium at the "International Tin Whisker Symposium" detailed that depending on how the accelerator pedals in Toyota vehicles were actuated could trigger sudden and unintended acceleration. It seems safe to say that "tin whiskers" are a big problem when there's enough interest to have an "international symposium" on the subject.

Submission + - US Drone "Hijacked" By Iran Claims Engineer (

clm1970 writes: An Iranian engineer claims the recent drone that crashed in Iran was actually hijacked by the military exploiting a well known weakness in GPS technology. It was as simple as reprogramming the coordinates to think it was landing in Afghanistan and not Iran.

Submission + - SCADA "Attack" Was No Attack Afterall (

clm1970 writes: "A water-pump failure in Illinois that appeared to be the first foreign cyberattack on a public utility in the United States was in fact caused by a plant contractor traveling in Russia, according to a source familiar with a federal investigation of the incident.

After analyzing the incident it was determined that "no indicators of malicious activity were found". A plant contractor was traveling in Russia on personal business at the time."

Submission + - Could "Assortive Mating" Explain Autism? ( 1

clm1970 writes: "Researcher Simon Barone-Cohen has put forth the theory that "how we mate and marry" could explain the increase in rates of Autism Spectrum Disorders particularly Aspergers. When two technically minded people marry and have children, so the provocative theory goes, they are more apt to produce a child who crosses the line into mild autism."

Submission + - Air France Black Box Found Intact (

clm1970 writes: Finding the proverbial needle in the haystack the Black Box from Air France Flight 447 has been recovered almost two years after the crash that killed all 228 passengers on board. Investigators have been able to download the data and can further sift for clues as to what caused the mysterious crash.

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