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Comment 8 devices, 5 people (Score 1) 374

5 people in my house, we have:
- 2 self-build desktop PC's (one Win7, the other Win7/Ubuntu dual boot)
- 3 Blackberries
- 1 Google Nexus One
- 2 HP Laptops
So, we are faaaar from some people here with 15 or more.
By the way, one laptop will be converted to a local file server & firewall soon. The display's broke, but I it's still working, enough for installing ClearOS in it ;-)

Comment Windows Live Gallery (Score 1) 361

For photos, its the best, in my opinion. Has a simple interface, can add tags easily, and organize them too, by tags or folders. You have both views available all the time. I use it for backup too, 'cause I can upload one group of photos (be it a folder or all the ones under a tag) to a SkyDrive folder, and set permissions there for only my family and/or friends to see.

And I love its import photo utility, when I put a memory card, etc. Want to copy all the photos or organize them by groups? You can do it right in the moment they're been imported. Always keep your photos organized and tagged from the beginning. You'll avoid painful search later.

So, if you look for easy and practical personal photo management, it's the best.

NOTE: Not to be confused with Windows Photo Gallery, the one that comes with Windows Vista. That one only have an import all your photos option. And you can only see your photos by tag, but no by folders, that doesn't work for me.


Submission + - Cheaper L.E.D. bulbs may encourage more energy use (

renewableenergywade writes: Light-emitting diodes (L.E.D.) devices are often touted as a greener, more cost-effective alternative to light bulbs, but a study from Sandia National Laboratories suggests that these devices are unlikely to decrease the world’s energy consumption.

Jeff Tsao and Jerry Simmons, researchers at the laboratories, pointed out that L.E.D.’s might even encourage more use of energy, rather than promote energy efficiency.

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