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Yes. It is prime for launching because among all spots in the continental United States, it is: 1. Close to the equator - good to achieve equatorial orbits 2. On the eastern seaboard. Orbits typically go from West to East. So from there, they can launch to the east, and be going over the ocean, so if anything goes wrong, well, it's over the ocean Probably also because of mild weather, year-round, too.

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I'm not hating at all. You're swallowing the kool-aid of an enormous post-clash push to give the public the concept that Schmidt's departure as CEO is a good thing.Larry Page has little identity, where Schmidt was the 'face' of most of Google's public posture. Schmidt is gone, and now we're being fed stories about what he should do, how cool his stripes are, a few stories about his $200M yacht (just so that we know he can do Paul Allen stuff) and so on.Every time Google's stock price drops, there are lots of institutional investors that look at that, and ponder whether to leave or not. Jobs leaving when he did, was bolstered by what Hunter Thompson would call, KING HELL EARNINGS REPORT so as to buoy Apple's stock. This is ALL ABOUT keeping that stock price hopping, and doing damage control. There's no hate in what I say, rather the observation of the facts.

Comment We also need to refine the process. (Score -1) 386

Sounds great, but doesn't really address the problem of internal combustion engines having only 30% efficiency. Why jump through all those hoops if we could gather electricity with photovoltaic panels and then use much more efficient electrical engines? Does anyone here know how much energy that'd generate per acre versus the bacteria? I mean as long as we're looking for long-term solutions, why not focus on better plans? We're only short of light, infinitely rechargeable batteries or power lines along the

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Rather than refute his arguments, you call him a troll and cite the anonymity of the submitter (as if anonymous submitters don't submit pro-Google stories), which got you an instant +5 Insightful.Can you actually refute his arguments rather than calling him names?

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Use one as your master repository, one as a backup of that, and keep the second in a water-proof container (hint: try rubbermaid containers, they're waterproof and cost about $4), locked in an inexpensive fire safe, safety deposit box, or at a nearby friend's or relative's house.Instead of a cheap rubbermaid container, get a small Pelican case instead. They're waterproof, submersible, shock-proof, etc. Your hard drive will survive anything in one of those.

Comment Re:Problem: (Score -1) 470

How do you know that? Maybe many people admire him for building such a towering business as Microsoft. Besides, take a look at the full poll (Gates comes in at position 5). Obama is at the top and I can tell you more about what Bill Gates did to get there than I can Barak Obama. And if you object to that, note that George W. Bush is in at position #2. Should either of these people be held more highly than the scientists and engineers who contribute to the knowledge of the nation, or the entrepreneurs who bring in vast amounts of wealth to it through innovative products?

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Have them set up a basic LAMP server. That's how I learned Linux. Or for something somewhat more practical for them, how about a seedbox or a mythtv-box. Frankly, the best way to learn linux is to just get your hands dirty.

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+1 nano. Around 10 years ago during my CS undergraduate classes everyone could just pick what they were used to, but students that were still getting used to this here shell thingy were nudged to use nano first during the unix introduction class. Easy to pick up and get stuff done and graduating to emacs (or vi if you like colons) is relatively easy.And to the sibling post about nano not conforming to any standard: you're right. But when you've barely touched the surface of programming it's a relief to have

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