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Comment No Problem with Zyxel P330W (Score 1) 936

My ZyXel P330W never needs rebooted. I leave it up for months at a time. In fact the only time is gets rebooted is when the power goes out... Oh an I run torrents with a lot of connections and have 2 vista machines, 2 xp machines. One of the pc's is a notebook & vista as well. No problems.
The Courts

Submission + - Many Guantanamo practices illegal

Cleveguru writes: "The U.N. Commission on Human Rights basically states in it's report that the United States isn't fulfilling it's legal obligations under treaties it has signed, and also violates practices of other treaties it has signed. In other words, the United States government is breaking it's own laws. View the Report It's interesting to note that the response from the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. at the end mentions checks and balances! This is just a prime example of when our checks and balances fail to work. In the end, it is the duty of the people to check the government itself as stated in our declaration of independence."

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