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Comment As a scientist... (Score 1) 253

I am surprised it is this small. I am sure part of the liars (which is what they are) are doing it for fame and to be the one. Others (liars too) are doing it to keep their jobs, whether that be to get money to do science, or just to cling on. And forget turning someone in. It will ruin your career.

Submission + - Astronaut Throws Junk Into Space (

An anonymous reader writes: A spacewalking astronaut at the International Space Station tossed a large chunk of junk overboard on Monday, hurling the old equipment into orbit, according to a WKMG-TV report. Clayton Anderson heaved a 200-pound camera mounting away from the station. His next shot was a 1,400-pound, refrigerator-size ammonia tank.

Submission + - Smart camera system counts cards and terrorists (

coondoggie writes: "One doesn't usually associate casino activities with military operations but a smart surveillance camera system is set to cross into both worlds next week. Published reports say Lockheed Martin will announce it is deploying RemoteReality's OmniAlert360 and ThermalVision360 camera system on military ships to detect terrorist attacks from small boats aimed at U.S. Navy ships. One such attack killed 17 May personnel aboard the USS Cole in a Yemen harbor in 2000. The Navy could expand its usage of the system to include protections for cruise ships or cargo ships from such threats.But military applications are not the only places this smart camera system watches over. RemoteReality has a relationship with North American Video to develop a system of enhanced 360-degree cameras for casinos and the gaming industry. The systems can monitor everything from casino security to individual players."

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