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Comment Good Cocomo estimates that were NEVER accepted (Score 1) 214

I've seen some really interesting results with Cocomo models once we were honest with team experience, problem knowledge and technical expertise.

Of course I have NEVER worked on a project where the models were accepted because model calculated cost was NEVER the number management wanted to hear. All of those projects ran over the officially accepted estimate by 2-3X.

Sometimes management does this on purpose. Many projects don't get serious until they are 1/3 of the way into the project. This leads to shortened schedules in order to force activity earlier. Sometimes management does this because their even more senior management just won't accept the right answer but will pay for cost overruns once they are afraid of losing the sunk cost work already

Comment Sized to 10 ton 2013 meteor via magnetic launcher (Score 1) 642

How hard would it be to magnetically launch a 10 ton meteor out of the moon's orbit? Say 12 ton 1/6 equals 2 tons or 4000 pounds. Then add in the fact that there is no friction from air. It feels like something relatively straightforward.

Comment Re:Varied opinions (Score 1) 798

Folks take the oath and sign up for the work. They know the time they will do if they break the rules. I'm not sure why clemency is granted in the situation where the person met the bar for conviction and was given a lawful sentence.

Do the crime, do the time. I don't understand folks whine about jail time when they break the law they knew about, possibly putting others in danger.

Comment Re:Excluding coders with experience (Score 1) 192

On one hand, older programmers have a lot of experience that means they aren't going to make the same mistakes they made in the past. This makes the ones that still retain passion extremely valuable.

On the other hand, older programmers are often not interested in keeping up with tech changes or changing the way they operate for "new" methodologies. I've seen plenty that went into management because (they admit) it was just too hard to stay technical.

IT is a business of continual change. Not everyone is cut out for that over the long haul.

Comment Coding is the whole process. (Score 1) 192

Assuming someone didn't just accept Googles slogan as a statement of passion... Why does someone think "coding" is just typing? Xtreme Programming isn't just about writing code. It is about the process of creating software. Yeah, I want you coding when you are working. You can go somewhere else if you are your view of coding is "typing" or if you want to spend 6 hours a day exercising like the person above.

Comment We have no idea how westerners handle quarantine (Score 1) 359

Furthermore, people in 1st world countries are also less inclined to break people out of quarantine...

Do you have any evidence of this? There hasn't been a major contagious outbreak in most of the west for decades. I predict people well break themselves and their families out of quarantine in an attempt to "save them".

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