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Comment Re:Wha? (Score 3, Insightful) 173

Google loses money by placing it's ads as that could have been a paying customers ad in that position that they would have actually had outside money coming in paying for. I'm sure the same happened with JC Penny, their organic search results might have been penalized for a period of time but they were free to advertise in the paid search results.

They took the steps to correct the issue, it was only 1 day after it was even discovered. I don't see how they could of done something about it before they knew anything about it. I'm not saying Google is an angel by any means but I just don't see why they would go through the hassle and take the risk of PAYING for something like this to a third party than doing it themselves internally, for FREE. After all, they control the search engine. It is just not in their DNA, but then again things happen when you "blow-up".

Comment Re:Chrome sucks anyways... (Score 1) 173

I think this has a little more to do with security than anything else. Whether the Ad is loaded or not it's hidden so that a user CANNOT click it and therefore Google does not get paid. Worst it looks like an impression with no clicks unlike Firefox you don't get the impression but you also don't get the click which is better for stats as far as Google goes.

Comment Re:Iris (Score 1) 800

My thoughts exactly. They must have been talking 2 years 1960's time, as that's about 8 hours now.

Check Vlingo though, its a lot more polished and actually has better features than Siri, like completely hands free car mode. Try talking to Siri with out first pressing the listen button, with Vlingo Car Mode you say 'Hey, Vlingo', sorry no witty . Siri is the one that needs to catch up.

Comment Re:So true (Score 1) 800

Ever heard of Vlingo, Speaktoit, Google Voice Actions? LoL, all been out for a while now, do exactly what Siri do in different ways.

Shoot, Iris, a Siri clone, was created in 8 hours!! Of course not all the functionality of Siri, but 8 hours is a lot shorter than 2 years.

Comment Re:Vlingo (Score 1) 800

Oops, forgot to login. But I do have to mention they could come up with a better name or let me name my device, saying 'Hey, Vlingo' isn't necc the easiest. I'm not even sure if I'm saying it right, the first few times it didn't even listen. Either it got used to me, or I somehow am pronouncing it correctly now with out noticing.

Comment Re:Rule of Law (Score 1) 515

Put the cops through the same legal system everyone goes through. That way the cops have incentive to make the process as fair as possible.

Stop making sense, please.

Thank you.

Comment Re:And thus there was Android (Score 1) 562

Wait till you get Froyo! Each app has an auto update check box so you don't have to manually update the ones you select. Pretty cool and fact that its an OPTION makes it that much better.

Every couple of months with a new official release or Cyanogen mod its like getting a brand new phone all over again.

Comment Re:When is a monopoly not a monopoly? (Score 1) 562

Thank you for clearing that up for him.

You can not only take a Prius and put Google Ads on it, but you can track it, add and remove stuff with out Toyota giving a shit. Very similar to the Google Nexus one, you can root the phone with no hack or anything special, Google does not give a shit what you do to it after you bought it (just don't expect to return a rooted device just like you wouldn't expect to return a Toyota after you put some after market performance parts.) Apple on the other hand, even though you forked over your $199+ for some reason does give a shit and might even brick your phone if you don't play by their rules. I understand that because of carriers some Android based devices are more "locked" down, but as you can see when Google has the choice (Nexus One or G1 Dev Phone) they kind of give the user the benefit of the doubt. There is even Android phones (of course on ATT) that have Yahoo as the default search and locked down some features.

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