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Comment Re:There are plenty of embedded media players (Score 3, Informative) 147

More Roku love... You can do local media if you have the right model. Roku 3 has a USB port for local media. You can also stream your entire ripped DVD collection direct to your Roku with Plex (which has a Linux server in addition to Windows and Mac), which will give you a much nicer UI than DLNA.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 311

If you switch most of your billing paperless, then it's not that much work. Download your bank statements, bills, etc. as PDF and save them. Download a digital copy of all the owners manuals you can find online. Then just scan the few hard copies you're left with.

Comment Re:Fujitsu ScanSnap or similar (Score 1) 311

That cost is a bit much for the average home user. I've been scanning my papers as jpeg images and shredding everything for a few years. Of course, that's not searchable... So, I recently installed Tesseract-OCR.... very cool if you're okay putting in some elbow grease. All I need to do is scan to jpeg and the OCR happens overnight when I'm not using my mac mini. I also put together a small PHP app to do search the OCR'd text: https://sourceforge.net/projects/edocias/

Comment Re:wake up, people, global warming isn't the issue (Score 1) 1747

I think we can all agree that clean energy is a good thing. However, don't sign us all up for a hugely expensive TRILLION dollar cap-and-trade scheme based on THEORY... a theory that made predictions that haven't held over the past 5 years. And don't sign us up for programs to track our personal "carbon footprint" either. That's just creepy.

Comment Re:Scientists are human. (Score 2, Informative) 1747

Have you not seen some of the source code found in the dump? Take a look at Eric Raymond's analysis of some of this:


I particularly like the source code comment that states "Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!"

You cannot dismiss this as just email bickering. You can see the SOURCE CODE where they artificially change the data to suit their agenda! Why are people not more ticked off about this??? This is an offense to both science in general and programming,

Operating Systems

Submission + - Virus Protection on non-Windows OSes?

sagefire.org writes: "Do you run Virus Scanners/Protection on non-Windows OSes? Why? Why not? Do you scan all files that you did not create on your non-Windows OS with a virus scanner? How likely is a non-Windows machine to be the source of infection for Windows users?"

Comment best teacher I ever had (Score 2, Insightful) 93

I had Randy Pausch for an undergrad CS class at UVA in either 88 or 89.... so that was either his first or second year teaching there. Without a doubt, he was the best teacher I had in all four years. I can only imagine that he got even better after almost 20 years of practice. He truly engaged the students. I've been in the software business for 17 years now, and I continue to enjoy it today. I have to think he's partly the reason I ended up there (since I was in the EE program).

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