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Submission + - Book Review "97 Things Every Programmer Shoul... "

cjsteel writes: O'Rielly has hit upon a pretty great concept with the "97 things" series and when our local Python group was offering a copy of "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know" in exchange for an unbiased review, I probably should have refused, but I didn't, because I really like O'Rielly books in general and the idea of reading what a bunch of opinionated and qualified experts had to say about programming within the limitation of one or two written pages of an O'Reily was simply irresistible.

The limited space would keep the pontification that the expert in all of us loves to engage in to a minimum and having limited space would force experts to be concise and to the point. In the end, one or two experts got overly 'experty' (but with 97 you just turn the page...) and of course some experts talked about ideas I was already very familiar with, but that was to be expected. Interestingly enough, although nothing jumped out and grabbed me as being particularly brilliant, new or groundbreaking, I really enjoyed and continue to enjoy the book and when I am on hold or otherwise have enough time to re-digest one experts opinion, I revisit the book. It has been hanging around my desk for a couple of months now and because it is so full of practical suggestions and opinionated opinions about a subject that I love, I have a feeling it will be hanging around for a while. Having all this diverse and conflicting goodness packed into a volume is convenient, portable and difficult to lose track of. It works for me and I might just want to get my hands on one of the other "97 things" books sometime in the near future.

Christopher Steel

Comment Re:Migration (Score 1) 95

He he he, nope, that's what you do with LV's. xen's para-virtualizing allows you to move them while they are still running, really ;). dmes/user/user.html Check out the introduction "Live migration of running virtual machines between physical hosts." Xen is going to mess with your head. Can you pass me that freebsd server when your done with it?

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