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Comment Re:Efficiency for a price? (Score 1) 162

The reasoning of SABAM in this matter follows their tax on radio-broadcasters. Radio stations are obligated to pay SABAM for broadcasting copyrighted songs. So to rationalize their greed, they just followed that logic for internet providers. Since internet providers are now broadcasting a lot of copyrighted material, they should pay for it, just as well as the radio stations are.
It's just a bit sad that at the same time, there's a very steep price for internet streaming radio websites(to the point that you need to have big pockets to set up a legal streaming radio station in most of northern europe - even if you only broadcast non-copyrighted songs or songs by artists who aren't registered with SABAM). So not only are those website-operators paying, now also the ISP's should pay.
It's all getting totally ridiculous and there have been a lot of calls for a better alternative in Belgium. The current SABAM has more in common with the Italian mob than with a legitimate company. And on that note: Does is seem right the one who looks out for the rights of copyright holders, is a company? Shouldn't it be a non-profit?

Comment Re:Openstep UXs (Score 1) 965

Well, in my case: In 2005 i received a macbook from my employer and i got used to the OS-X ui. So, when i move back to linux on the desktop, i'm just going with what i used before. And the Windowmaker choice was totally arbitrary too, back in the 90's when i was shopping around for a window manager.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 3, Informative) 965

Now that Windowmaker ( has been picked up again, you might look at that one. That's the one i always ran before switching to OSX.
And i'm pretty sure it's going to be the one i'm running when i move back since i already decided that my next laptop won't be a macbook anymore.

Comment Re:Apple? (Score 1) 552

yeah. and i changed it the minute my macbook booted. But it's still a sign they are changing the desktop-environment to match the mobile-feel.
And no, it's not a consistent feel across devices. On my phone, it feel natural to pull my fingers up to scroll, on my trackpad it doesn't.

Comment Just stay (Score 5, Insightful) 287

Why not stay with Symfony 1.4? It's a mature and well-supported framework. We have been playing with Symfony2 ourselves at my current job, but decided to keep using 1.4 until the formgenerators of Symfony2 are a bit more mature.
Of all the php-frameworks i've worked with, Symfony 1.4 still makes me most productive.

Comment Re:Just another offload. (Score 5, Insightful) 158

and why shouldn't they? If they already decided that they wouldn't support the product anymore, then it makes sense to donate it to the community. Maybe some enterprising people can make it work for them. Just look at what it did for web-browser technology when Netscape opensourced their - at that time 'almost end-of-line' - product to the opensource community...


Submission + - Belgian ISPS ordered to block The Pirate Bay (

cjpa writes: They have been ordered by a Belgian judge to implement a DNS blocking regime in relation to 11 links leading to The Pirate Bay and they will have 14 days to do so, or they will be risking a fine.

The case had been initiated by the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (BAF). The parties involved have not yet commented on the verdict.

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