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Comment Re:Creative Cheating (Score 1) 227

Interesting, I just left Norway after working their 19 months (a normal job, and teaching at a hogeskole for a semester), and would have thought that Norway, being socialist and emphasising education and so forth would have decent pay for teachers. That's depressing.

What's the variation in pay from primary school teaching through to university??

Comment Re:Not really relevant, but what's with the clones (Score 1) 396

It's not about big picture creativity, it's about ANY creativity! Making something that's a clone of someone else's product and enjoying the crafting is one thing, selling it and then complaining when it gets pulled is something else entirely, regardless of your legal right to do so.

And the same applies if you're doing it to learn, you turn and use what you've learned in something else, you don't stop and complain. Or, do you? Yes, that's a question for you . . .

Comment Re:Not really relevant, but what's with the clones (Score 1) 396

Of course, you make the simple game first, that's just common sense.

Having done that however, would you move onto the complex game idea you want to do, or stop to defend your derivative, "practice run" game?

If you want an easy way to make your own games, I highly recommend Game Maker. If your goal is to make the games, rather than getting your game tech skills up, it's far and away the easiest. Even beyond that, it's a super fast way to prototype game ideas.

Comment Not really relevant, but what's with the clones? (Score 1) 396

Since the issue here seems to be the legality of it (IMO the DMCA has no power over game mechanics, FWIW). Anyway, how can people find satisfaction in making clones of games? Isn't the joy of game development in making a game that you truly believe in, that puts your unique ideas out there? If the game you truly believe in already exists, just play that rather than making a copy . . . or at the least put your own spin on the idea rather than just copying someone else's idea verbatim, changing the art and calling it good.

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