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Comment Extort rather than Fix (Score 1) 243

So if they can introduce a 25% penalty tax for companies deemed not to be paying enough tax, why the hell can't they fix the rules that these companies are using to avoid paying the existing tax? The companies aren't doing anything magical, they're just following the convoluted mess of tax law to pay the minimum tax possible, which is exactly what they should be doing.

This could get the Government in a sticky mess, if some years down the line a company challenges the 25% as a unlawful extortion (which it pretty much is) then they'll likely have to pay that tax back.

Comment Re:Also (Score 1) 865

ah wait, you present that suggesting that the Star Wars guys ripped it off from the other there anything to back that up?

This keeps coming up, somebody takes a scene or character from a current movie and strongly suggests it was nicked from some classic.

Surely there is an alternative, in that there is a certain flow/makeup of scenes that 'people' in general find more compelling than others? So the Star Wars trench scene started as something, then was edited etc till it felt right. The Dambusters scene most likely went through the same process. Given both involve flying things in a line, there are bound to be even though Tie fighters and X-Wings have no need to behave like WWII fighters, its easier for the creators and our believability that they do. Which means they are going to use the same manoeuvres, and have the same restrictions. They're both climatic sequences too, so both directors will be going for similar psychological responses (intentionally or just case it 'feels right') etc etc

I've no idea if anybody as studied this aspect of films, but tbh I find it more likely, than modern films painstakingly copying old scenes, that just seems a pain in the arse to do.

Comment Patent Jury (Score 1) 223

As the article said one of the problems seems to be that there isn't enough knowledge to deem whether the patent is obvious when its granted.

Maybe one solution would be a Jury of experts. Basically the same as traditional jury service in the US/UK etc, you get called up and then, instead of deciding if he did or not, you spend a week going through patents in your field with other experts?

Comment Could've Asked! (Score 1) 109

As the original RFC doesn't mention anything about what should happen if you went to, I'd have thought the professional thing to do would be ask!

Release a statement, let people put some pros/cons...hell a surveymonkey would have been enough.

Comment Another (Score 1) 163

My results for Chrome 10.0.612.3 were around the 12k mark too, which seems to show that the browser performance is no where near what our CPU's are capable off. As the Intel i series is performing the same or worse! Either that or the engine in chrome 9/10 is vastly improved!

Core 2 Duo 2.66 @ 2.81Ghz
Win 7 64Bit

Comment Simple Result (Score 1) 209

of every damn site now needing a login to do anything.

Shopping sites are the worse, no I don't need an account, I want to buy this one item from you, oh no google checkout or paypal...well I'll go else where then.

Comment Re:DOOM E1M6 (Score 1) 54

Thanks for that! I knew I recognized it as soon as I saw that 'squiggly' (well squiggly for doom) tunnel.

But fuck knows why my brain decides that remembering map layouts of game I last played 16 odd years ago is a good idea! Maybe it's because your using most of your senses and non-repetitive muscle movements??

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