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Comment Here you go, the "hurt" part the summary left out (Score 5, Informative) 190

The summary left out the "hurt" part. Maybe as a veiled attempt to encourage people to read the article? Here you go, no need, this is Slashdot.

"We've heard reports that Google shares ad revenue with its partners—if a customer buys a Verizon Samsung phone, performs a Google search, and clicks on an ad, Verizon and Samsung get a portion of that ad revenue. So, penalize partners by reducing or eliminating that revenue sharing if they don't push out updates. If an OEM exceeds the curve and stays up to date, increase the amount of revenue sharing. Threatening to shift the stock price of an OEM by affecting its bottom line is the nuclear option—and, folks, we're at the point where the nuclear option is all that's left."

Comment Re:DPL, the ultimate sticklers (Score 2) 159

Except, of course, that the request wasn't pointless:

Not only that, but please go a find a better example of excellent communication skills in an easily flammable thread:

My tip of the hat to Stefano Zacchiroli for keeping it so cool and on point. This looks like a childish behavior that hurts the same project Debian Multimedia maintainer seems to be wanting to help.

Comment Re:Bioinformatics Bubble? (Score 1) 38

This is how I see it.

I graduated in 2003 from a small university in latin america. BS in Biology with a twist at the end toward bioinformatics. In my almost 10 years of experience in the field, I found that people with the very odd mix of skills combining biology and computer science are quite hard to find. If you have both sets of skills, you won't have a hard time finding a job. Not even is as me, you move to a highly competitive area like US North East( DC area ), where in my case language and cultural barriers make things a little harder. I did enroll and finish a Master in Bioinformatics program in a local prestigious University to increase my chances.

Biology professionals only want to use a computer for as long as they forcibly have to, computer science professionals have much easier ways to make their living.

Comment Re:Not Surprised (Score 5, Insightful) 370

First, I couldn't tell for sure as for more than 10 years Linux and recently some OSX have been all I've used. I do however have to troubleshoot Windows PCs for friends and family, none run as smooth as my Linux machines. Why?, the only reason I can come of, these aren't new installs. Please make the same comparison 6 months after using your Windows machine. Maybe you are fine doing clean reinstalls every 6 months, I'm not.

Comment Re:It seems like is also moving (Score 1) 197

From Slashdot FAQ:
To "auto-link" a URL in HTML or Plain modes, enclose it in "less than"URL :"greater than".

It was silly not to just try the standard HTML tag. I was trying to reproduce the nice feature of showing between [] the target domain. That's why I went looking for a Slashdot's custom tag. Now I see this is a feature added to the standard tag.


Comment It seems like is also moving (Score 2) 197

They don't mention GoDaddy, but it seems they are also moving away from it:

In their case they are moving altogether from the US. Are they paranoid, or is this the right move? With the US control of the ICANN, I wonder how much better would it be to use a non-US name registrar

p.s.: How can I change the text displayed when I use URL tag?, couldn't find that anywhere in the FAQ.

Comment Re:Internet-spreading ? Or covert agent ? (Score 2) 386

Just to be clear, you do know Obama lifted the ban on Cuba to connect to any cable and gave US companies the right to do business with Cuba with this respect several months ago, still Cuba didn't acted on it. If you watch this video, they say is because they don't have for sure the US wouldn't take the money and not provide the service:

They will always find a reason not to give people access to information!. That video is also a prove why there is a need for people like Alan Gross to go to Cuba and do what he was doing, and only the Cuba government is to blain for that.

Let me be clear, I give the CIA or directly the US government is using here the USAID to do things that could potentially bring down the current Cuban government, which yes could get anybody in trouble anywhere, but that doesn't make the fact that what Cuba is fighting here is Internet access for the people. I'm Cuban, left Cuba 2 years ago when I was 29, my chosen field, bioinformatics, and yes I left Cuba not only because it was extremely frustrating to work in a field where internet is a must, I left because it was killing me from inside out to live in such a totalitarianism country, but believe me, controlled access to Internet will make the current dictatorial government fell one way or the other, doesn't matter if they choose not to give access anybody and then fell behind the rest of the world, or if the technology allow people circumvent the government control and they decide on their own with the information they will have to raise.

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