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Comment Words mean things..... (Score 1) 622

To quote a radio personality I stopped listening to years ago: "Words Mean Things". You can't say unlimited and in the same breath say (Up to n GB) Unlimited means Unlimited. No caps, no slow-down. The ISPs need to stop using that word if they don't mean it. I'm surprised the FTC is letting them get away with using that word. Whatever happened to truth in advertising. Worse yet, the limits they do impose is usually in the squint-o-vision font.

Submission + - Is favorites/bookmarks going away?

cjames728 writes: I have a Dell laptop on which I run X-Ubuntu. I use it on vacations and mostly for web-browsing. I noticed the CPU is working pretty hard and began looking for non-firefox solutions. It was then I noticed that Google Chrome doesn't have a Favorites/Bookmarks icon. I loaded down the latest version of Opera and saw it was the same with that browser. Seeing that Microsoft is abandoning IE and their OS is favoring big clunky icons, I'm wondering if this useful feature is going away (for screen real-estate robbing bookmark bars or inconvenient menu clicking to get at what I want?) Is this becoming a trend?

Comment Re:Neat (Score 1) 217

I gotta call bullshit on this vid. As previous posters noted, that wood was the kind I dreamed of splitting. I usually got stuck with Locust, or Cherry. We used a sledge and wedges on the big and hard stuff and on the easy stuff, a double-edged axe would do the job just as easy as what I saw here. My brother shared in my misery in this area and I love CC'ing things like this with him, but this one doesn't pass the test.

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