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Comment Oh come on (Score 1) 695

Half the replies here are:

1) They go to art school so they're not worthy of borrowing your laptop. Tell them to fuck off

2) On MY salary I can afford to buy a laptop for each day of the week, why can't these peasants afford one for themselves? Tell them to fuck off

3) Let them use it, but deliberately make it prohibitively difficult to use.; They'll soon fuck off

And people wonder why the IT industry is so stereotyped and maligned by other people.

It'll be interesting to see how far these asshole attitudes get you in the middle of a recession, I sincerely hope these people don't lose their jobs and wind up living in the gutter /sarcasm

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 187

So the amount of time and effort somebody else put into perfecting a massive piece of software counts for nothing if they don't get it to YOU, when YOU want it, in the medium YOU want and at a price YOU dictate? Sounds reasonable and unselfish. The reason most people torrent stuff like this is, basically, greed. There are some justifications, sure, but the whole "try before I buy" arguments and all its bastard offspring are pure fiction.

Comment Panic vs reality? (Score 1) 383

Personally I think it'd be awesome if somebody set up a system that got the locations of confirmed cases (like vs. the locations people were Twittering from, and mapped out the overlapping areas where people had a genuine reason to be worried. Anyone know about a way to go about this?

Comment Re:Immigrants (Score 1) 289

Just last week there were strikes because too many people are coming into the UK

Incorrect. There were a series of wildcat strikes because we have a legacy of being fucked up the ass by trade unions who refuse to accept that UK labour is unwilling to adapt in order to become competitive (read: lazy). It was all over a grand total of 198 jobs. Wow.

The UK is already overcrowded

Care to back that up?

Comment Re:why do you care? (Score 5, Insightful) 614

That "it's someone else's problem" attitude utterly stinks. My guess is that the guy actually *cares* about the reputation of his company and takes pride in its work, which might be a novel concept to some people. Like it or not, software piracy is illegal; the fact that you have an axe to grind about Microsoft doesn't detract from that

Submission + - Google Earth 5.0 dives into the ocean (

javipas writes: "One of the most wonderful applications out there has been updated to become what is probably the most important resource to study our planet. Google Earth 5.0 has been launched and it includes now tons of data of seas and oceans all over the world, thanks to the collaboration of several big agencies such as the U.S. Navy, NASA or National Geographic, that have provided high definition images, precise information and videos about this often forgotten part of our planet. The new release comes even with more new features: historical imagery, touring and a 3D map of Mars have allowed to make the jump straight from the previous 4.3 version to this impressive Google Earth 5.0."

Comment It'd be an interesting theory... (Score 1) 864

...if Microsoft were playing the whole "New Coke" strategy on an epic scale...

1)Release Good OS (XP)

2)Release Worse OS (Vista)

3)Extend life cycle of Good OS until Good OS II (7) is released

4)Provide minimal support for Worse OS whilst users take up Good OS II in their droves due to Worse OS's crappiness and Good OS's retirement



Repeat every 20 years until dead

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