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Comment Re:It was a myth (Score 1) 986

So, what you're really trying to say is that you have relatively little exposure to British TV beyond BBC shows and just love making broad generalizations? Compare the best of one side to the worst of another, could you brown nose any harder? Reality TV exists in Britain just as much as it does here, just like the US has really good shows, just like Britain.

Comment I don't think it would matter even if they could (Score 0) 422

First off, at least in the United States, police cannot prosecute for a retrospective crime. I don't think a police officer giving me a speeding ticket for going 72 in a 65 two hours ago is going to hold any water in court. Secondly, I think this data is probably going to be used to plan speed traps, not hand out tickets. Plus, how much of the population is using TomTom GPS systems? Are they representative of the entire driving population? I think not.

Comment Ten times the tech != ten times the quality (Score 1) 323

You can have as much technology as you want in a computer, in the end graphics can only be so good. Maybe the fact that console graphics can rival PC graphics (supposedly) says more about the PC than it does the console. Gaming PCs are still better than any console if you care about more than just how pretty your game looks on you monitor.

Comment Well, consider this... (Score 1) 310

What effect does shovelware have on the integrity of the Wii? Most of those dumb games like "M&M(tm) Party Smash" certainly aren't worth $20-30. I mean, Nintendo isn't the patron saint of good games. Actually, scratch that. They make good first party games, but they take a good idea and exploit it in an Activision-esque manner that makes people sick of things like "Mario Bathroom Bash".

Comment A lot of it might have to do (Score 2) 56

with how Twitter and various other social networks utilize hyperlinks. The problem is that most URLs are shortened in messages, so all person A has to do is tell person B something is going on, and click the link to find out more. Person A clicks link, silent download commences. It's circumstances like these where I wish URL shortening would just fall off the face of the earth. It just has such a high possibility of being exploited and there's no way to see where the shortened URL will go without using some script, it's just not that safe.

Comment No they shouldn't... (Score 1) 804

If anything, that should be a decision left up to the professors. For the college itself to ban laptop use would be a bad call on all fronts. What it boils down to is what utility a laptop provides for a specific class. If it's a literature class where most of the learning is done through presentations and textbooks, then using a laptop in that specific class wouldn't be that important. If, on the other hand, you're taking a physics course and you have supplemental programs that aid you in doing whatever you need to do, then laptop use is a must if there is no other means to proficiently complete coursework at school. If a professor notices a lot of students are just browsing the internet and not doing class relevant work, then I think the professor should have the authority to restrict use.

Comment It's a shame... (Score 1) 362

It's a shame in the sense that this split screen gaming and local multiplayer could go the way of the dodo bird if current trends continue (and by current trends, I mean console manufacturers pushing online gaming, where you don't need actual friends to play multiplayer; a person in the USA can play a game of Halo: Reach or Street Fighter with a person over in Germany.) Then again, it's simply showing the evolution of gaming, whether it be for better or for worse. It could also be somewhat connected to the ever declining need for face-to-face interaction, when all of our communication needs or everyday activities can be satiated right from the convenience of our bedroom - or your mother's basement - therefore eliminating the need to have friends you can communicate with in real life.

Comment Of All Places (Score 1) 191

Of all places for this to be implemented, it has to be McDonalds. How about implementing this system in places where it actually makes sense, like banks and retail stores? The fact the liquid is visible under UV light seems to be irrelevant because last time I checked, people could easily wash it off or change clothes, and if the evidence is gone, there's an infinite amount of explanations that would satiate a police officer's inquiries.

Comment Doesn't Surprise Me At All... (Score 1) 385

Whether the article was telling half-truths or not, the fact that Activision is behind it tells me all I need to know. This is simply more deception and tricks being pulled by Bobby Kotick to get more money from people. I'm not an avid PC gamer, but Bobby really does have it out for console gamers. I suggest others who are seriously fed up follow suit with Dice and write them a letter asking Bobby if he's happy. This is seriously a low blow from Activision.

Comment Can't Wait (Score 0) 141

I can't wait until I can start viewing more embarrassing photos because the only uses this has to normal people is pretending to be a spy and looking for people falling off of bicycles or doing other stupid stuff.

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