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Comment Focus on the outcomes, not on the gears. (Score 1) 159

Tell them what they're going to achieve from a business perspective by using the system correctly. They really won't care about what happens behind the wall.

When you go to eat a burger, do you really care about the way the meat processing is performed? Or the way the tomatoes are picked? You trust them to do it the right way, but you don't really want to know the gory details. What you want is to have a good burger, and they have to deliver. Same with IT.

Senior Management wants the ERP system to do stuff. You enable them. Show them how that happens on their terms, not yours.

Comment Re:Well, I was using Mint but went back to Ubuntu (Score 2) 685

Not the browser's home page, the way it points you to Mint's version of Google search when you type a search term in the search bar. Two different things. If it were only that, then I would agree with you. But I downloaded Chrome and it also hijacks the search from the omnibar. Yes, you could just go to google.com and search. But then, what's the point of searching from the browser bar? What's the point of having it at all?

Comment Re:Well, I was using Mint but went back to Ubuntu (Score 1) 685

Just read it. So if they don't collect revenue from Google they'll block it? Or Bing? Again, I wouldn't have a problem with this if it was unobstrusive. But, have you used their Google search? It's hideous. If they change it, I won't mind using it if it looks closer to what 'Google Default' looks like. Else, I'll just stay in Oneiric.

Comment Well, I was using Mint but went back to Ubuntu (Score 4, Interesting) 685

One reason: Mint's heavy handed tendency to replace the default Google search with a 'Mint-ized' version of Google search to draw revenue. I mean, I get it: it needs money. But if you're going to substitute something that works great (Google) with your own version of search to take eyeball money, give me something as good as or better than what I'm used to. Granted, there are instructions out there to change this by running a couple of scripts and commands. But it would revert after updates were pushed down to the system. I had to do it at least once a month. Disclaimer: I donated directly to Mint through PayPal, precisely because I changed the search engine knowing full well this is a way the get money. I would not mind paying a bit more and a bit regularly if they would keep their hands of my search.

Comment There are broader issues here... (Score 1) 1307

Just because you and your department want a certain feature/service doesn't mean that you should have free reign in implementing and installing non-approved services in the hospital's infrastructure. You have to ask yourself why IT can't (or won't) provide this service to the community as a whole. More often than not it is a matter of money, time, risk, knowledge, business need and/or a combination of these and other factors. The IT department is there to deliver a bunch of services that ensures that the hospital's mission and objectives are achieved. Often, these objectives conflict with what individual users, or user groups, want. God, I wish my company would allow us to connect our devices (Androids, iPhones) directly into the Exchange server, allow us to have some sort of internal social media, wikis, etc. But we don't. And we don't because the company has chosen not to. Myopic? Yes. Justified? Absolutely. It is the company's business and assets they're protecting. So the short answer is yes. They're allowing you to play in their network? You need to give them access. What you need to do is go up to both IT and Hospital management and convince them that what you want to do is not only good for your group, but for the company as a whole. Hey, maybe you'll end up changing the way the company delivers services to your user community.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - IE7 lets passwords slip 'by design'

tweakers.net reader writes: "Visitors can have their passwords for many community sites stolen if they use Internet Explorer 7 or lower. Almost all sites that let their users host images or other binary data are vulnerable. Microsoft has been informed, but tells this bug is 'by design' (translated from Dutch). The problem lies in the way that Internet Explorer(IE) handles binary data. Instead of following the standard (RFC2616), IE determines the content-type in a wrong way. A perfectly valid image like this one or this one is interpreted as HTML in IE. Thereby, JavaScript is executed and passwords for community sites can be stolen (because of this XSS vulnerability). Microsoft will not fix this problem before Internet Explorer 8. On my machine, passwords seem to be safe from this bug with Opera 9.21 and Firefox"

Submission + - Florida: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

SuperJew writes: "Well, it looks like Florida has done it again. The state that brought you the hanging chad has gone BACK to paper ballots. In 2002, many FL counties went to the touch screen systems, but now have decided to switch back.

[Governor] Crist, who made the elections overhaul an early priority, basked in bipartisan praise on Monday for ending the paper-trail fight. The federal government will cover the roughly $28 million cost to switch to optical-scan devices. Touch-screen machines will still be used during Florida's new Jan. 29 presidential preference primary, but paper ballots must be in place by the fall 2008 elections, with one exception. Touch screens still can be available for use by disabled voters until 2012. "

Submission + - Xss-exploit Microsoft labelled as ' by design '

Anonymous Coward writes: "Beginning this month tweakers.net developer Tino Zijdel by was indicated a visitor on bug in Internet Explorer 7 which it makes possible a cross site scripting-exploit to carry out. The leak situates himself in the mimetype detection of the browser. http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pag econtent?lp=nl_en&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftweakers.net%2F nieuws%2F47643%2FXSS-exploit-door-Microsoft-betite ld-als-by-design.html (dutch url: http://tweakers.net/nieuws/47643/XSS-exploit-door- Microsoft-betiteld-als-by-design.html )"

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