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Submission + - Will Laser Technology Trump Gun Control Law? (youtube.com) 3

retroworks writes: Hey, maybe I have an idea. We invent a laser gun but do not classify it as a firearm. The laser guns can be shut off by GPS code. Everyone who is a legitimate hunter opts for the laser gun, and the few who remain with conventional firearms see the price of ammo go up like obsolete ink and toner cartridges, rendering the conventional firearm like an obsolete printer. People start to preserve their remaining "ink" and keep the conventional firearm in the closet but use the laser weapon (don't call it a gun) for hunting etc. Over a couple of generations, this could result in stopping violent multiple homicides, or give people a sense of control and comfort.

Hey, I'm trying to participate in an impossible conversation, give me a break. This idea is as likely to work as registering guns is likely to either A) take away gun rights or B) reduce psychopathic rampages. More gun ownership won't reduce violence and regulators aren't in any position to analyze psychopaths and surgically reduce the gun ownership. More likely some regulator will feel a liability like the KY marriage license lady and deny someone loudmouth their gun license and we'll have another 10 years of this debate. Not finding this debate fruitful is not the equivalent of "accepting" the violence either. The solution is going to be technological.

Comment Re:US immigration in a nutshell (Score 1) 284

I agree ... this is not right. I am american so I don't have a problem obviously, however I work with many good programmers from India who are feeling very wronged by this situation. And I think rightly so.

These are competent professionals, who have nice families and mouths to feed. It's a crime that they are treated like this. This type of arrangement was supposed to be abolished long ago. But here it is again in the 21st century.

I say get rid of these rules and allow free market to determine who gets paid what and all are allowed to work where they are wanted most. If workers come to this country and they are not up to the level of others, they will be paid less or lose their jobs anyway, but it'll be free market reasons... not rules giving power over them to keep them in low wages to get their green card.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this ... but when they switch employers ... the clock resets on their wait for a green card. Disgraceful!


Comment Re:Having a private pilots license (Score 1) 269

One of the benefits of cars is that they seldom get picked up by a sudden gust, flipped over, and slammed into the ground during takeoff, killing the pilot and passenger. Mostly because they don't have a takeoff phase.

yeah ... that also doesn't happen to planes very often either... only idiots take off in that kind of weather.

Comment Re:Sure, but... (Score 2) 392

I think he is "focused here" .... I had the same idea and was coming to post it...

The embryos don't (and probably shouldn't) come from the adult gene pools travelling in the ship. Could maybe get by with 1000 sets of mates in the ship who are well versed in biochemisty, and 200,000 embryos from families wanting potentially send their genes to a new world, but don't want to leave earth themselves.

It's like the only way Noah could have actually collected all the earth's species onto one ship... but I doubt they had any clue about biochemistry then. At least Bill Cosby didn't mention it.

Submission + - SPAM: Meet the woman who's teaching Silicon Valley how to be more likable

superboj writes: After spending her teenage years as a lonely geek, Olivia Fox Cabane developed her own program for becoming more charismatic and influential. Apparently, it worked: she now sells her coaching services to executives from companies like Google. Is it really possible to hack your way to charm? Or is this just another self-help routine?
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Submission + - PostgreSQL Adds Binary JSON Support To Compete With MongoDB (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The PostgreSQL 9.4 release is going to feature full support for binary JSON which is currently a lead feature of MongoDB. This feature should make PostgreSQL more powerful and appealing to the NoSQL crowd with now being the first relational database system to support semi-structured data. Benchmark figures show PostgreSQL now out-performing MongoDB.

Submission + - Overstock now accepts Bitcoin (wired.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has announced that his company is now accepting bitcoins for payment on Overstock.com. He had originally said this would happen within the first half of 2014, but then has moved quickly to ensure competitive advantage.

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