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Comment Re:year of the? (Score 1) 530

I've been using, assembling, disassembling, and repairing computers for more than thirty years, and ironically, I did know how to repair my car, before it had so many computers in it, now only most of it. The key point here though is that I have the right to disassemble, repair, modify or even destroy (through failure of the previous) my car or my PC as I see fit. I can also repair the plumbing and electrical in my own home with no license or certification, or permission from the original manufacturer if I wish (and I do both of those). Any of the above tasks which I am allowed to do but do not wish to do, I can freely select someone else to do on my behalf, and should not be required to have performed only by the manufacturer. If my PC had Windows on it when purchased and I want Linux, that is MY PC, and my right to change it. If my car ran on gasoline when I purchased it and I want CNG, E85, diesel, electric, it is MY car, and aside from emissions (for public health) and mechanical safety (to operate a heavy moving object around others on a public road), also my right to change it.

Comment Re:For the two people who don't already know (Score 2) 286

... rampant selfishness, shortsightedness, and petulance.

Not entirely sure of your meaning here, but if you mean "selfishness" as the feeling of entitlement that you have a right to something you have not earned, and "shortsightedness" as eventually there will be no one left to support the ever growing entitlement class, and everyone will be equally S.O.L. when the pyramid scheme of redistribution collapses, then I absolutely and totally agree.

Comment Re:For the two people who don't already know (Score 1) 286

Socialism has NOTHING to do with force.

It absolutely DOES. I'll simplify why socialism can't exist without force.

If a charity or an individual wants something from me, they ASK for it.
If the government wants something from me, they demand it. If I refuse, they TAKE it anyway, by any means necessary.

In a capitalist society, if my neighbor needs something, he'd ask a person or a charity for help.
In a socialist society, if my neighbor needs something, he'd ask the government to force me to help.

Comment Re:Is Windows 8 really as bad as people say it is? (Score 1) 363

So, I briefly tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview months ago, and found it utterly counter-intuitive.[...]

I felt exactly the same way, but being a Windows "Start Menu" user since it was created in Win95, I must just be resistant to change, right? (I'm a "Ribbon" hater too, FWIW)

So I got my 8 year old son to try Win8 CP a few weeks ago on his computer, and he had never used anything but Win7. He didn't like it either. I'll quote directly:
"I can't find anything... Those buttons are all big and messy and keep getting in the way when I open different things. Can you put it back the old way?"

The 4 year old on the other hand loved it. Since I actually HAD a touch-screen monitor from an old Point-of-Sale system which worked (surprised me), and he only likes to do about three things with the computer, it was pretty simple to setup. He knows to press on the photo of him to start his 'page' as he calls it, and then press on the button for the game he wants. They all still need a mouse to run of course, but he could drive a mouse before he could talk. :)

Comment Re:Evidence (Score 1) 372

This is exactly the point that many seem to be missing, it doesn't matter if the subject of the photos knew the laptop was stolen. It is my laptop, and therefore all data within it is my property. I have a contractual agreement with the theft tracking company whereby I grant them full and unlimited access to the device, and they may use any of my data on my laptop to identify the parties responsible, and share any such information with law enforcement to recover it.

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