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The Internet

Submission + - BT accused of download throttling

krou writes: The BBC is reporting that the UK's biggest broadband supplier, BT, has been accused of throttling download speeds during peak times on its cheapest broadband package. Users who "signed up for an up to 8 megabit per second package can have their speed cut to below 1Mbps". The throttling appears to target primarily video streaming, with a little-known clause in their fair usage policy (that is not explained in the T&C's when you sign up) stating: "We do limit the speed of all video streaming to 896Kbps on our Option 1 product, during peak times only." However, it appears it's actually throttled to 700kbp. In defence, a BT spokesman claimed that this was being done "in order to optimise the experience for all customers". The BBC have raised concerns over the impact of the throttling on their BBC iPlayer service, saying that "we are concerned that at peak times some customers' higher quality video streams may be interrupted by buffering before falling back to a lower-quality version. This would suggest that traffic identified as BBC iPlayer traffic is being throttled back, thereby limiting the bandwidth used up by the service on slower connections." A statement from BT claims that "we are currently in discussions with the BBC executive to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience in the future".

Submission + - SPAM: The Need for Universal Charger Plugs

Enlistmedia writes: "The Need for Universal Charger Plugs- How many mobile phones have you owned in your life? Or to phrase the question more accurately, how many phones do you currently use? I often carry in my pocket or "man bag" three phones at any given time. And they're all made by different manufacturers. And guess what! They all have different charging plugs."
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Operating Systems

Submission + - Moving to 64 bit Jaunty

circlingthesun writes: I've been rather weary of making the switch to a 64 bit OS. I've heard much talk about 64 bit packages of certain applications not being available and so. I knew there were workarounds but I wasn't to keen on that drama. When Jaunty came out a couple of weeks ago I decided that I've waited long enough and made the switch. I've been pretty happy so far with one exception. My memory consumption has roughly doubled. Why is this happening? Is this simply because 64 bit integers use more space? Or is there something else going on that I am unaware of?
The Courts

Pirate Bay Court Loss Won't Stop the Flow of Files 358

Adrian Lopez writes "According to PC World, 'Hollywood may have won a battle, but the war against piracy is far from over. Unauthorized file sharing will continue (and likely intensify), if not through The Pirate Bay, then through dozens of other near identical swashbuckling Web sites. ... What Hollywood needs to remember is sites like The Pirate Bay are like weeds. When you try to kill one, they grow back even stronger. In this case, The Pirate Bay already moved most of its servers to the Netherlands, a move that could keep the site running even if The Pirate Bay loses its appeal.'"

South Africa Rolls Out Biometric Passports 60

volume4 writes "The South African Department of Home Affairs has begun rolling out security enhanced passports to new applicants from this week. A facility in Pretoria which prints the new passports was officially opened last week by the minister of home affairs, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula. The new passports have an embedded RFID chip which stores the owner's biometric information, including personal details, a high-resolution colour photograph and fingerprint information."

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