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Journal cinnamon colbert's Journal: Exspensive travel coffee mugs and thermoses

Why is it so hard to buy an exspensive stainless steel thermos or travel coffee mug ?
All the ones we have are seriously defective in design.
My son likes to take hot soup to school for lunch so we bought him this very exspensive pint thermos.
The stainless steel thermos, probably strong enough to stop a D9 bulldozer (1) had a 50 cent plastic screw cap, and this had a 1C plastic disc held by 1/2 cent of glue
The plastic disc fell off, and my son, being young, lost it, and now the thermos is worthless, as it leaks.

And as for the travel mugs - the lids are hard to sip out of without spilling, they have lots of crevices that are hard to clean and the useless stainless steel exterior put there entirely for show is not sealed to the plastic, so water gets between,and as we all know standing water grows things.

China ? most of the teapots from china are clearly defective and probably dangerous - just look INSIDE after a month carefully at the joints; corrosion indicates stuff leaking into your tea.

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Exspensive travel coffee mugs and thermoses

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