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Submission + - MIT Students Bring Capitalism back to Free Speech (proxypicket.com)

cinexero writes: To raise money to attend the upcoming Colbert and Stewart rallies, a group of MIT students have devised a way to monetize free speech. For a small fee, they allow anyone to submit a message to be displayed at the upcoming rallies. They claim that it is "protesting for the people" but will it just lead to mass goatse?
Open Source

Submission + - Rackspace releases Cloud stack via Open Source (techcrunch.com)

zerocool^ writes: Techcrunch is reporting that Rackspace is open-sourcing their Cloud Computing technologies, under the name OpenStack. Rackspace has chosen to release under the Apache2.0 license. The initial release encompasses the cloud object storage and cloud virtual server management suites. Along with this release, NASA is contributing technology from its Nebula Cloud Platform. Early partners include Intel, Dell, and Citrix.

Submission + - DOT Requires Rabbit Torture (theanimalrescuesite.com)

An anonymous reader writes: "The US Department of Transportation (DOT) is demonstrating the ultimate animal cruelty: it's using rabbits to test the corrosivity of chemical substances. The DOT shaves the rabbits' backs and applies the chemicals, which burn straight through the rabbits' skin."

Apparently the test is used to verify how corrosive a chemical is before shipment is allowed. More humane and more accurate tests are available, but they're tied up in the DOT's bureaucratic paperwork process.

Submission + - iPod Wall (vimeo.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Dear Engadget,

We weren't sure who would be interested but we figured someone would be.


This is a video showing the build of the Welikesmall iPod wall. It was made from 20 iPods over the course of about three weeks in our spare time. Tasks included building and designing the wooden box, programming an iPhone application that runs off the Game Kit framework, hacking a USB hardware fan together, developing a Python / Django web server application, and designing a quick UI. To keep the wall constantly powered we used a Cambrionix B2 USB powered hub.

Our current iPhone Application allows for 4 different modes, a screen saver mode, a full image split mode (the controlling iPod looks for an image and then the server executes a script to split that image among all 20 iPods), a single image grid mode (the controlling iPod tells the server to give a random image to each iPhone), and a hybrid mode which displays all three. In addition, the server is always checking to ensure that each iPod is synched.

Future releases will allow all sorts of external user interaction. Stay tuned.

Thanks and for more info please feel free to get in touch.

- — - — - — - — - — - — - — - — - — - — - -
AIM motionboy
E mike@welikesmall.com
P 801 467 2207
C 801 673 8588
A 1240E 2100S Suite 150 Salt Lake City UT 84106


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