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Comment Re:Federal law? (Score 1) 614

They ride in on the same access rights and exemptions electricity, water, gas, sewer lines do.

I don't know that the sattelite companies fit into this? At any rate this attempted regulation seems unnecessary unless it can be tied to public funds. I think the whole industry is due a major overhaul, esp here in H-town where about 60% can't watch the local sports teams whose stadiums are publicly funded (out of towner taxes do hurt) I don't have cable but go over to someones house maybe once per month if there is something live i ~need~ to watch.

Comment Re:If this is true... (Score 1) 536

They always claimed to be scaling it down around election time, but doing just the opposite in reality. Most likely the democrats had little intention of ending it either. The advisers approach is more defensible than the complete escalation from the later presidents. If the advisers couldn't make any headway on propping up the south that should have been enough feedback to abandon the war as a trap and get in on the winning side.

Comment Re:Not true. (Score 1) 984

How often do people not get elected based on poor city planning? It does seem a bit absurd to sit in traffic year after year when a few simple things could be done to alleviate the congestion:
Dedicated express lanes which prevent the same morons from trying to exit across X lanes of traffic at the last minute every day and stopping the entire freeway
more trains and bus lines :)
As for the automated tickets, a good investigation of the kickback trail could do much to alleviate the above problems as well. In Htown we were slammed with large contract even after the lights were voted down.

Comment Re:Infinite human stupidity (Score 1) 976

Part of the problem of govt is moving large bulky things around. Pure ideas are watered down into large compromises as it needs a mass of people to build momentum and get moving. The 2 basic ideas here are: 1. Group of people want continue making money off of fossil fuels until they are gone regardless of any consequences. 2. Group of people want to try something different and in the process redistribute the power. The sheep in the middle will naturally follow the leader that appears to have the most power. So these stories about C02 need to be countered with equally more powerful stories, but in a way that appeals to the sheep that make things move. FDR tried to make the republicans appear as more complicated, and made some progress but was fairly blockaded in regards to his programs.

Comment black market (Score 1) 1106

So depending on how well the law is enforced, there is certainly a pool of laborers willing to work under the minimum wage by completely bypassing the legal system all together. Raise the wage and that pool becomes larger, lower the wage and maybe receive more federal taxes by introducing more legal labor/companies onto the market. The bad part would be if there were a huge number of legal domestic laborers willing to work for very low wages.

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